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North East Ohio Premier Real Estate Photography Company

Captivly Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tours

We are a Real Estate Photography company in North East Ohio that offers professional real estate photography and virtual tours. Our full team is here to help you promote the beauty of your listing. Our dispatch team can make sure your listing is scheduled to be shot in a timely manner, you can expect our photographers to be on time and professional, and we ensure to prioritize your work so you can get your listing up as soon as possible. 

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Professionally edited images to help captivate buyers

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Fully interactive 360 images of your entire listing

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Show of your listing with angles never before seen

All Interior Real Estate Photography Packages Includes:

2D Floor Plans

Virtual Twilight

Listing Website

Sky Replacement

Window Pulls

Next Day Turn-Around

35 Listing Photos

Premium Editing

Samantha Talbot
Samantha Talbot
Awesome to work with! Did amazing photos for my listing! Very professional highly recommend!
Admin Orange Door Homes
Admin Orange Door Homes
I am absolutely delighted to share my positive review about the photography taken from your properties. From the moment I laid my eyes on the stunning images, I was captivated by the attention to detail and the remarkable ability to capture the essence of each location. The photographs exude a sense of warmth and tranquility, making me feel as though I am already there, experiencing the true beauty of your properties firsthand. The clarity and composition of each shot are impeccable, showcasing not only the physical aspects but also the unique character and charm that make your properties stand out. Furthermore, I must commend the photographer's skill in capturing the perfect lighting and ambiance that enhances the allure of each space. With the natural sunlight streaming through a window, each photo seems to transport me into a world of serenity and luxury. What truly sets the photography apart is the ability to capture the emotional connection one can have with a space. Each shot captures the inviting atmosphere and carefully curated decor, allowing potential guests to envision themselves enjoying the comfort and relaxation your properties provide. I also appreciate the professionalism and expertise displayed throughout the entire process. The photographer was attentive, patient, and clearly passionate about their craft. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to listen to our desires ensured that every aspect of our properties was beautifully showcased in the photographs. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the photography services provided for your properties. The exquisite images not only portray an accurate representation of the spaces but also evoke a sense of joy, intrigue, and curiosity in any potential guest. Thank you for capturing the essence of our properties so perfectly!
Daniel Yimmesghen
Daniel Yimmesghen
Always great work. Garrick and his team have done 10+ shoots for me. They are always professional and the photos are some of the highest quality I’ve seen. Keep up the great work!
Ma. Teresa Otivar
Ma. Teresa Otivar
I must say, I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional photography captured of our properties! From the stunning landscapes to the exquisite interiors, each image truly showcases the beauty and uniqueness of our properties. The photographer (Garrick) has truly mastered the art of capturing the perfect moment. The attention to detail is remarkable, highlighting the intricate architectural elements and the carefully curated decor of each space. The lighting in every photograph enhances the ambiance, making it feel inviting and warm. Additionally, the composition of each photo is simply outstanding. The photographer has an impeccable eye for framing and balance, resulting in visually striking images that draw in the viewer. Moreover, I commend the photographer for their ability to capture the essence and character of each property. Each picture truly tells a story, evoking a sense of intrigue and desire to experience the spaces firsthand. It is evident that he has taken the time to understand our properties and bring out their unique charm in every shot. Not only are the photographs of the highest quality, but the photographer themselves were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, patience, and friendly demeanor made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. They took the time to listen to our vision and brought it to life in the most extraordinary way. Overall, I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the photography of our properties. The photographer's talent shines through each image, capturing the essence and beauty of our spaces in a way that is truly captivating. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for exceptional photography that will truly make their properties stand out. We are renting out our properties and with the photos we have from Captivly, it increased the number of our bookings.
Camille Acevedo-Smith
Camille Acevedo-Smith
Garrick is great to work with! Always does great photos, communicates and is reasonably priced.
Gina Pastuszynski
Gina Pastuszynski
I found my permanent real estate photo/videographers! They arrive prepared, organized, and with high quality equipment. Top-notch service, first class quality, professional, detail-oriented, energetic, responsive, knowledgeable, punctual, communicative, prompt product/service delivery. They treat their clients and work equally from a small residential photo shoot to a massive, multi-million dollar commercial real estate site including drone photos and video. Best of all, they're competitively priced!
Gary Kapeluck
Gary Kapeluck
I cant say enough about these talented guys. They did an absolute amazing job taking pictures of my home. They made it so easy to download the pictures so I could send them to my realtor. They even did a virtual tour and took some overview shots of my house with their own drone camera. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of pictures when trying to sell your home.
Ainsley Hudson
Ainsley Hudson
We knew we needed gorgeous real estate photos to help sell our home and wanted someone who specialized in drone photography - and we got it!! The interior photos captured the charming details of our 1930s Craftsman. I appreciated Garrick's artistic eye in such a "hard to photograph" home with minimal staging. His exterior photos were such a welcome surprise. I wasn't sure what to expect but the drone photography really set the stage for a beautiful home with a beautiful garden. Can't wait to use you on our next project!!
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Real Estate Services

Photo of a dining room in Brunswick Ohio

Real Estate Photography

Real estate listings photos are the core of every great property listing. These photos are the bread and butter that showcase the property and all its features. Utilizing wide angle and architectural style photography shows the space as well as the unique characteristics and features of the property. Our listing photos come professionally edited, color corrected, and include sky replacement on all exterior shots (sky replacement on interior shots where applicable) and a virtual twilight shot to set your listing apart from the crowd. Numerous realtors and brokers have trusted Captivly Real Estate Photography to capture professional photos of their listings.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography Take your real estate listing to new heights with drone photography and videography. Captivly provides aerial media services from professionally licensed, FAA compliant drone pilots. Whether you need to highlight the property lines, showcase nearby landmarks or points of interest, or feature unique property characteristics, Captivly’s drone photography services have you covered.
Aerial photo over a beautiful house in New London Ohio
Successful Cleveland real estate agents use professional real estate photography

Virtual Tours

If you are looking to sell your listings faster- statistically, real estate virtual tours are your best bet. At Captivly we have multiple virtual tour options to fit every budget and project size. From Zillow 3D tours to iGuide virtual tours to specialized commercial real estate virtual tours, we have the capabilities to capture your property in 3D and allow prospective buyers the capability to tour at their own pace.


At Captivly, we understand the impact that real estate videography can have on your property listings. In an age where grabbing the attention of prospective buyers is paramount, video is a game changer. Beyond listing photos, real estate videos capture the flow or rooms and tell a property’s story. Its not just about what a property looks like, but how it feels to be there. In a competitive market, where attention spans are short and first impressions are everything, a compelling video tour can make the crucial difference between a casual browser and a serious buyer. Captivly Real Estate Photography has multiple video capabilities to accomplish our marketing goals. From drone video, interior walk throughs and social media reels and shorts, consider us a competitive edge in your marketing toolkit.

Floor Plans

Included With All Interior Real Estate Photos

Floor plans offer a unique and clear representation of a property’s dimensions and room layout enabling buyers to assess whether it aligns with their specific needs and goals. Floor plans streamline the decision-making process and give potential buyers an idea of how the rooms flow together. At Captivly, we have multiple virtual tour options with floor plans. From Zillow interactive floor plans to, iGuide floor plans and measurements to doll house floor plans, we have multiple services we can provide to fit any property or marketing need.

Commercial Services

At Captivly, we have a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate media services tailored to meet the unique demands of the corporate and commercial real estate market. We understand that every property tells a story, and we’re here to help you tell it with impact. From captivating listing photos that highlight the finest details, breathtaking aerial shots captured by our licensed drone operators, immersive video tours that breathe life into your spaces, to engaging virtual tours that allow potential tenants or buyers to explore properties from the comfort of their screens, and precise floor plans that offer a comprehensive spatial overview – our services are designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the commercial real estate industry. We know that no two commercial jobs are the same. For this reason our commercial real estate photography projects are all custom to meet your specific needs.

Real Estate
Photography Made Simple

Step 1 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 1

Give us a call or send us a message when you acquire a new listing. We will guide you through the process & setup your session.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 2

Join us on site for the photo shoot or stay home and relax. Either way, your photos will look perfect.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 3

Effortlessly download the finished photos from the cloud. Show them off, sell the home, & take all the credit!

Virtual Tours To Get The Most Out Of Your Listing

In today’s fast-paced market, digital first world, static images are often not enough to captivate potential buyers. Virtual tours immerse viewers in a property like never before while offering floor plans to complement the experience. With virtual tours, your listings come to life, allowing viewers to explore every nook and cranny, room by room, from the comfort of their own screens. This leads serious buyers to pre-qualify themselves and make more informed decisions on physical showings. Nearly 50% of buyers find virtual tours very helpful when shopping for a home. This is why Captivly Real estate Photography offers multiple virtual tour services that fit your listing needs.

Zillow 3D Home & Floor Plans

Zillow 3D home and floor plans are a great addition to your listing. This tour provides viewers with an immersive 3D experience, floor plans, and photos (hot spotted to the floor plans). Zillow 3D home tours also come with a suit of added benefits on the Zillow platform, including premium placement on search results on Zillow; special email pushes to home shoppers prompting them to view the listing, a red tour badge to help them stand out on the map and the ability for home buyers to filter listings with the Zillow 3D home tours.

iGuide Virtual Tours

Discover the future of real estate marketing with our iGuide Virtual Tours. These immersive tours provide everything a buyer needs to make informed decisions. From precise LiDAR floor plans, room dimensions, and measuring tools to total square footage, iGuide offers unparalleled accuracy. Our tours seamlessly integrate high-quality photos, a Google map of the property’s location, and video embedding capabilities, making it easy to showcase a property’s unique story. Interactive information spots offer details on features and amenities as viewers explore. Plus, built-in analytics provide valuable insights into tour traffic, helping you refine your marketing strategy.

iGuide virtual tour on a computer screen

Commercial Virtual Tours

Commercial virtual tours go beyond real estate listings. We recognize the demands of the commercial real estate industry and have a custom-tailored VR solution. Our commercial virtual tours are custom from the ground up, featuring full-frame DSLR panos with HDR and flash capabilities. These tours have the ability to be hosted, embedded, or downloaded as stand-alone tours. In-tour video can be embedded, as well as info hot spots. Floor plans and dollhouse viewing are also available options for our commercial tours.
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Our typical answer is within 24 to 48 hours. If you need them sooner, please communicate that with our team, and we will do what we can to get them to you ASAP. If you schedule a shoot for 10 a.m. on a Monday, you will generally receive your photos before the end of the day on Tuesday.
We cover all of North East Ohio. Here is a list of some of the common areas we work in. Richfield, Peninsula, Hudson, Streetsboro, Brady lake, Ravenna, Kent, Stow, Fairlawn, Copley, Akron, Mogadore, Barberton, Portage lakes, Green, Uniontown, Hartville, North Canton, Rootstown, Canton, East canton, Alliance

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