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The Benefits Of Real Estate Photography

The benefits of real estate photography and virtual twilights for listings
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Understand the benefits of real estate photography

Understand The True Benefits Of Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is an invaluable tool for marketing a home to potential buyers. Using professional photos can help showcase the best features of a property, leading to increased interest and, eventually, a higher overall price for your home.

Professional real estate photography can increase your asking price per square foot by up to 47%

The asking price that a home commands is in some part linked to the amount of buyer interest. Professional photography portrays a home in the most flattering conditions possible. Put yourselves in the shoes of a buyer – would you consider a home listing that had grainy photos with washed-out colors? Flattering photos means more potential selection from buyers, and higher demand means more value for you.

High-quality images are essential for web listings because they are often the only way buyers have of seeing what a house looks like before visiting in person. Professional photographs will make a home stand out from the competition and draw more attention from potential buyers all around the world. They can also be used on social media platforms to reach an even wider audience and generate even more interest in your listing. 

This visual reference can allow potential purchasers to visualize how they would fit into the home, giving them confidence in their decision to move forward to viewing the home in person.

Professional Real Estate Photography helps realtors sell their listings faster, and get higher offers.

What to expect with professional real estate photography

Professional real estate photography involves using professional-grade equipment and techniques to capture stunning images of a property. This includes everything from the right camera, lighting, lenses, and editing software to ensure that the photos are high quality and visually appealing. 

Professional photographers will also use special techniques such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging or panoramic shots to make sure each image is eye-catching and captures all the best features of the home. They may even take aerial shots using drones or helicopters for unique perspectives.

 With these tools in hand, they can create beautiful photos that draw buyers in and help them visualize how they could fit into a house before ever stepping foot inside it.

Professional DSLR Cameras and Lenses

Although smartphone cameras appear to take high-resolution images, full-frame DSLR cameras such as those manufactured by Canon are simply superior to smartphones when it comes to capturing truly high-quality images. 

By using a larger imaging sensor, DSLR cameras can take in more light than smartphones and produce images with less noise or grain. The larger sensor also allows for higher image resolution, meaning that photos taken on a full-frame camera can be zoomed in and examined more closely by potential buyers on a listing page.

High-Quality Aerial & Drone Images

Drones are a great tool for real estate photography, allowing photographers to capture unique perspectives of properties that would otherwise be impossible. Using drones and other aerial equipment, professional photographers can take stunning shots from above the property, giving potential buyers an overview of the layout and features that they wouldn’t be able to see on foot.

The benefits of aerial real estate photography

Professional Lighting & Strategically Leveraging Natural Light

Professional photographers use specialized lighting equipment to control the brightness of each shot and ensure that all features of the house are captured accurately. This includes using multiple lights with different intensities to highlight specific areas of a property, as well as using softboxes or umbrellas to diffuse harsh shadows caused by natural light sources such as windows or skylights.

Although experienced photographers can always use natural light to get the best image possible, there’s always the option to bring in supplemental lighting for darker rooms if the situation demands it. No matter what, this helps buyers get an accurate representation of what they’ll see when viewing the property in person, giving them more confidence in their decision-making process.

Premium image editing

Professional photographers use advanced tools and techniques to enhance the photos they take, ensuring that each image is as eye-catching and accurate as possible. This includes everything from color correction to sharpening images and even adding special effects such as HDR imaging or panoramic shots. The goal of image editing is not to be deceptive but to ensure that the home is portrayed in an honest, appealing manner.

The Different Types Of Real Estate Photography That Will Help You Sell Houses Faster & For More Money

Regardless if you have a real estate photographer or you are new to real estate photography, There are a few ways a professional photographer can help elevate your real estate marketing.

So, if you are a real estate agent that is looking to promote your personal brand, impress potential buyers, and get more listings. Here are a few things you should be having your real estate photographer capture on all of your listings.

Traditional Listing Photos

There is no arguing the value of quality real estate photography, statistically speaking, if you are looking to be a top agent, traditional listing photos are a must.

Traditional real estate photos are your standard interior and exterior images captured at the perfect angle and with professional cameras.

When you are having your real estate photographer capture the exterior images, it is highly recommended that you ask for virtual twilight photography. This is when your main exterior image is edited to look like it was captured at dusk. Giving your listing a unique image and can capture prospective buyers’ attention at a far superior rate.

Another great feature that you can take advantage of with your standard listing photos is by leveraging virtual staging. When you purchase interior photography for a listing that is vacant, your photographer can take care of home staging for a fraction of what you would pay an interior designer to do.

Virtual Tour & Floor Plans

There is no doubt the real estate industry is extremely competitive. One of the best ways to make your listing stand out from all the others is to use virtual tours and floor plans.

It has been proven that your potential customers prefer to have the ability to virtually walk through a listing before they schedule a showing.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs are the perfect way to promote your real estate property. By using drone photography in your listing, you are able to showcase your property with angles that would normally go unseen.

Real Estate Drone Photography will provide you will quality pictures and videos from a birds eye perspective. Giving you a better understanding of the property lines and property features.


In short, real estate photography is an invaluable tool that helps homes stand out on the market while increasing their chances of selling quickly and at full asking price or higher. 

By taking advantage of this service, sellers can maximize profits while simultaneously improving buyer experiences throughout the process. Do you have any questions on how Captivly can help you capture the true value of your home in a listing? Please reach out To Schedule Your Next Real Estate Photography Job.

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