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Captivly a Real Estate Photography in Cleveland Ohio

Capturing the sunrise over Lake Erie and coming up over the city’s skyline is an easy way to see the beauty that is Cleveland. If you are looking for Cleveland real estate photography from a professional organization that recognizes the nuances of this extraordinary community, allow our team to help you. Serving all of Northeast Ohio, you’ll find that Captivly Real Estate Photography & Virtual Tours offers the exceptional attention to detail you need and expect.

Who in Cleveland Needs Real Estate Photography

From aerial shots that show just how park-like a piece of property is to impressively detailed interior walking tours, we aim to be the very best Cleveland real estate photography company available. We utilize the most modern technology, the creativity of highly trained and professional photographers, and our exceptional passion for creating stunning photos that sell your property long before someone steps foot on it.

Who Can Use Real Estate Photography In Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland real estate photography is a diverse industry and appeals to many organizations in the area. That includes real estate agents and brokerages wanting to increase their sales and commissions significantly. Real estate photography isn’t just for licensed agents, though.

Homeowners planning to sell their property can utilize these services to enhance their ability to market the property. It’s also an excellent choice for any of the many tourism-focused activities around the region that want to showcase the outdoor elements, architectural beauty, history, and character of their buildings, historic homes, and outdoor structures.

Cleveland Real Estate Photography Services

Our Cleveland real estate photography company offers a wide selection of services to meet all your needs on an ongoing basis. Below are just some of the ways you can utilize our services to enhance your next marketing campaign or property listing.

Listing Photos Icons

Long before people visit a property, they need to be sold on it from their first digital impression. Listing photos must be done carefully to create a stunning, highly accurate view that shows the accuracy and clarity of the space but also demonstrates how spacious, inviting, and functional the space is as well. Beautiful listings sell properties.

Virtual Tour Icon

Help people step into the home, see how the layout works for their needs, and experience the house in a way that’s very natural to them. Cleveland virtual tours enable people to get a feel for what they can expect when they step in the front door, navigate to the kitchen, walk around the island, and see the backyard from their deck view.

icon of an overhead map for a drone photography logo

Drone Photography

Our photographers are fully capable of capturing all the angles you need from the air. Our Piolots are certified and professional when it comes to operating our drones. So if you just need pictures or an exterior video, then we have you covered.

Aerial Photography

One of the best ways to bring real estate to life is to utilize Cleveland drone photography. Capturing an aerial view allows people to see what they are buying and investing in and gives them a bit more of a lay of the land. This can be a powerful selling point to those who want a big backyard, a forested area, or ample privacy. Drone photography captures the natural beauty of the area, helping to sell the home from a new perspective.

Offering Professional Real Estate Photography in the Cleveland Area

Cleveland real estate photography takes marketing to the next level while providing a clear image of what a home buyer can expect. Our team works closely with you and the property owner to create a solid vision for the property, whether that’s through the use of drone photography, virtual tours, or listing photos.

Let us work closely with you to best understand your goals for the project. That could include showcasing how spacious the home is, pinpointing the architectural detail of the home, or capturing the light streamlining in from the morning sky through the skylight above a gorgeous soaking tub. Our team will find the architecturally valuable components of the home to help you sell it based on real-life expectations.

It’s easy to work with our Cleveland real estate photography company.

  • Call or send a message as soon as you have a new listing. We’ll pick a time to start your real estate photography that works for you and showcases the home at its best.
  • Join us, or we’ll do the photo shoot and then send you the photos to check out.
  • Download the finished, edited photos from the cloud, upload them to your listings, and sell the home.

Drone Photography in Cleveland

One of the newest and most important visual tools for the real estate market is the use of drone photography. Utilizing our high-quality and technologically advanced drones, we can provide breathtaking photos of the home from various vantage points, look into the backyard, down from the clouds above, or across the community. When considering Cleveland drone photography and a real estate photographer, it’s critical to have a team with ample experience who can create a stunning visual showcasing the home’s beauty, value, and uniqueness. We can do that for you.

Offering Professional Real Estate Photography in the Cleveland, OH area

Partnering with the right real estate photography company is crucial to success. Far to common realtors waste money partnering with an inexperienced company that provides low quality work. Yet worse than wasting money, agents often don’t realize what that will do to their personal brand.

So, While choosing the perfect real estate photography business, you should look to find a partner who is skilled and experience. But most importantly, that partner should always conduct themselves professionally when interacting with you and your clients.

Captivly has helped countless agents capture their listings in a professional manner that is focused on: highlighting houses, Driving sales quickly, and promoting agents personal brands.

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Cleveland Real Estate 2023 Trends and Stats

Understand Cleveland Crime Stats For Real Estate

Clevelands overall crime rating is a C grade. This means the rate of crime is slightly higher than the average US metro area. Cleveland Metro is in the 39th percentile for safety, meaning 61% of metro areas are safer and 39% of metro areas are more dangerous. This analysis applies to the Cleveland metro area’s proper boundaries only.

The crime rate in the Cleveland area is 31.18 per 1,000 residents. People who live in the Cleveland metro area generally consider the east part of the metropolis area to be the safest.

Your probability of being a victim of crime may be as high as 1 in 19 in the north neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 71 in the east part of the metro area. See the section on interpreting the crime map, however, because comparing See the map to the to get a better understanding.

Restricted Areas To Be Aware Of For Aerial Photography

Like all areas, there are some restrictions on the use of drones in Cleveland and the surrounding area. Noting this allows you to ensure you can capture the property in a way that’s safe and does not violate any laws. Our team serves all of Northeast Ohio and offers Akron and Canton real estate photography services as well. This allows us to be up to date on all citywide and regional requirements and limitations on the use of drone photography. Some key areas that you should know about include the following.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Airports are typically restricted areas. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is close to residential areas, which means careful consideration must be taken when flying drones to capture aerial shots. Our team understand the restriction and limitations and works carefully within those guidelines while still being able to create fantastic images of the region, including the entire West Side surrounding the airport itself.

Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport

A smaller airport just outside of Downtown Cleveland, there are restrictions surrounding Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport as well. This can impact some of the shooting opportunities along the shoreline and in some of the urban areas of the city. However, we can still capture stunning photos of the region to craft exceptional views for our clients.

If you hope to utilize Cleveland drone photography to paint the picture of the city as a whole, we can still capture all of the best the city has to offer around these and other restrictions. Our goal is to meet your expectations and exceed them with stunning aerials that you can proudly display.

Drone Services We Offer

Our Cleveland real estate photography service is designed to create images that tell your story in a meaningful way. To do that, we utilize some of the best technology possible to create crisp images and virtual tours from the sky!

An image of the Goodyear Polymer Center from a dron

Aerial Photography

Still shots are very important when it comes to marketing real estate. It can enable you to showcase the architectural details of the property, capture the layout of the home, and showcase the condition of various structures and rooftops. Aerial photography services in Cleveland can also help to show the property at various times of the year, painting a picture of what life is like within that community. 

Aerial Videography

Just like indoor tours of a home, people like to get a feel for what they are about to experience long before they actually visit the location. Aerial videography in Cleveland can do that. We’ll showcase the layout of the property, explore the street and neighborhood, and capture a beautiful look at the cityscape. This makes it easy to see what walking down the tree-lined street or navigating to the local park is like. It welcomes your potential buyers into the community. 

Commercial Drone Photography

Real estate photography is not just for residential properties. At Captivly, we provide full commercial drone photography services in Northeast Ohio as well.

Commercial drone photography can help to sell any type of commercial real estate, from retail to industrial parkways. With virtual tours, it’s possible to connect buyers, including those states away, with the functionality and look of the property, enhancing their desire to purchase. Additionally, our services can focus on capturing location information, navigating the surrounding properties, and exploring the neighborhood and community from an aerial point of view.

In addition to this, we offer commercial drone photography to showcase the services your building has to offer. This includes exploring area parks, recreation centers, retail establishments and shopping centers, and community amenities. Use our commercial drone photography in Cleveland to capture your historic building, exceptional location, and property layout. 

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Real Estate + Business Photography for Cleveland, Akron, and Canton

Captivly Real Estate Photography In Cleveland, Ohio

If you are planning on selling or renting your home. Professional photography is what will prevent the struggle to attract more interest, especially in the Cleveland market. Fortunately, Captivly’s team of real estate photographers can take care of your project. Making it easy to find the perfect photographer for your Cleveland space. When you hire Captivly, you can expect unrivaled real estate photos that will bring out the true beauty of every room and property.

Allow Our Cleveland Real Estate Photography Service to Meet Your Needs

Captivly is dedicated to being the best Cleveland real estate photography company in the region. When you want to sell, start with your imagery. Allow our team to make the entire experience as easy and effortless as possible while you take all of the credit for the high quality images, virtual tours, stunning videos, and aerial photography you use to showcase and sell your property and listings. Contact us today to learn more.

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West Lake



Shaker Square

Cleveland Real Estate Photography FAQs

Whether your listing is downtown, Rocky River, or in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. Professional Real Estate photography is a very important tool for the most successful agents. 

In Cleveland one of the biggest tips is to be aware of your drone zones. Since you are required to use a drone pilot who has passed the part 107 exam, they should be cognizant of the no fly zones. But because Cleveland’s airport is so big there is a lot of restricted space to keep in mind when trying to plan on aerial images of your property.

There are several crutial components to focus on when capturing perfecrt real estate images. A few of these perfect factors include lighting, exposure, composition, and understanding the floor plan. Ultimately, professional photographers are trained to take listing images that help the best market the property.

It’s easy to think that higher price listings deserve better professional real estate photography and marketing. Cleveland has a large number of gorgeous houses that aren’t at that million dollar mark. So it is still just as important to showcase an average home as it is for a multi-million dollar pad. 

Remember that the photos aren’t just for your listing. They are also for your personal brand.

The main purpose of a virtual tour (in real estate) is to allow potential buyers to tour a house from the comfort of their home. This allows a potential buyer to engage with the property without having to schedule a listing with their real estate agent. 1) allowing the agent to save time showing houses buyers aren’t going to like. 2) this gives a prospective buyer the time to fall in love with a home without any sales pressure. Helping drive higher asking prices and allowing houses to sell at a faster clip.
Absolutely! Statistically speaking, listings with drone images are 68% more likely to sell as compared to listings without aerial photos. So I would say the math says… Drone photography is work paying for on your real estate listings.
When you are looking to find the perfect time to have your listing in Cleveland Ohio shot, here are some good rules to follow. If your property is facing the East, earlier in the day is an ideal time to have your listing shot. If you have a listing that is West-facing, then the afternoon is the best time of day to shoot the property. For houses that are facing the North, then you will want to schedule your real estate photography services between 10am and 2pm

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