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5 Powerful Reasons Why Drone Photography Transforms Akron Real Estate Marketing

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In the real estate industry, drone photography in Akron real estate marketing is an absolute must. One survey found that 83% of real estate brokers are interested in or use drone photography due to the value that it brings to their listings. Because the competition is steep in the real estate industry, agents always seek ways to differentiate themselves, so it’s no surprise that these figures are increasing. 

This makes complete sense since we have been seeing more agents leverage drone photography in Akron real estate marketing. The footage shot by a drone is always mind-blowing. Their increased property coverage compared to standard photos is a major selling factor. Moreover, to grow in a technological era, it is imperative to adapt and evolve with the advancements in business trends and technology to stand out.

Advantages of Using Drone Photography In Akron Real Estate Marketing

Enhanced Visibility On Listing Website

Drone photography alone will make a listing pop compared to those without it. But Aerial Images accent the growing demand for virtual property tours. With virtual tours that include aerial footage, potential buyers may experience the property and its surroundings more realistically, allowing them to see themselves living there without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. 

Especially in an area like Akron, Ohio, Being able to showcase how close a property is to the University of Akron, Downtown Akron, or even how close Fairlwan’s Shopping Center is, all of this will drive people to share listings more than others. This allows your listing to get more views and shares on social media. Getting your Akron listing more visibility than before.

Increased Buyer Interest With The Use Of Aerial Media

Drone technology’s speed, precision, and power have caused a paradigm shift in several industries. Recently, drones’ usefulness and popularity in commercial real estate have grown. Real estate firms utilize drones to their advantage by taking high-quality photographs from a perspective that otherwise cannot be showcased. 

By taking advantage of images that are shot from perspectives never before seen, buyers find themselves more interested in a property. For example, if two identical listings are located right next to each other and have the same photos, it is safe to say they are equally interesting. But if one of those listings uses drone photography to showcase how close it is to downtown Akron, just a couple of miles away from the highway, and that the Akron dog park is right down the road… A buyer will be more inclined to tour and put an offer in on the one that shows more value and convenience compared to the one with just traditional images.  

Take A Competitive Edge

There is no mystery that Akron is home to countless real estate professionals. But it is being seen that the most successful ones are starting to leverage drone photography in Akron real estate marketing to help them stand out against the competition. 

Real estate brokers may give their customers a leg up by providing more visually attractive property listings using drone-captured aerial photography in Akron real estate marketing. After seeing drone-shot aerial photographs of specific properties, many potential buyers find themselves more inclined to tour a listing.

Use high-quality aerial video and photographs to sell your properties and increase attention and sales in Akron real estate marketing. The National Association of Realtors found that listings with better photos usually get more views. More than 95% of homebuyers begin their search online. This means that your listing is going to be lumped in with everyone else. The best strategy is to make your listing’s online presence stand out as much as possible from the competition. And even though Akron may have flight restrictions, working with your real estate photographer to get proper clearance and capture aerial images will make your listing stand out against the competition.

Legal Considerations

No matter how useful drone photography is, real estate agents must be familiar with the rules and regulations that control it. Here are the key points to keep in mind from a legal standpoint:

Legal Framework

Careful navigating of regulatory terrain is required for drone real estate marketing. Like every other city, Akron has regulations regarding commercial drone photography.

FAA Guidelines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs drone operations. These requirements include pilot qualification, adherence to operational limitations, and drone registration. So that means that if you are a real estate professional who is going to be listing a house in Akron, You are required to have someone with their Part 107 license capture your drone media. If you take them yourself without a license or someone else takes them without a license (i.e. a fly-by-night real estate photography company, We have heard horror stories….), you will be liable for thousands of dollars in fines!

Local Regulations

Akron abides by FAA regulations in addition to its own set of standards. Real estate brokers must be knowledgeable and compliant due to the possibility of drone flying restrictions in some areas or at certain periods of time. 

Compliance Importance

Following these guidelines is critical, and one must comply with them no matter what. Knowledge of and adherence to all laws and regulations governing real estate drone photography is essential for avoiding legal complications and heavy fines.

Incorporating Drone Videography

Incorporating drone videography into your real estate listing in Akron, Ohio, especially for properties near points of interest, is not just an enhancement; it’s a necessity for capturing the essence of what makes a home truly special. It’s about offering a glimpse into a future life, one framed by the beauty and vibrancy of Akron’s landmarks and communities. Make your listing unforgettable with immersive visuals that soar above the rest.

In the heart of Akron, Ohio, where each property offers its unique allure, especially those nestled near captivating points of interest, the power of drone videography cannot be overstated. It’s not just about showcasing a property; it’s about telling a story that allows potential buyers to envision a lifestyle. Here’s why immersive drone visuals are indispensable for your Akron real estate listing:

Highlight the Beauty of Akron’s Landmarks

Akron is home to beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks. Drone videos provide a unique perspective that ground-level photography simply cannot match. By offering an aerial view, you can highlight the proximity of your listing to notable Akron attractions, parks, and vibrant communities, making it irresistibly appealing to prospective buyers.

Create a Sensory Experience

The goal of drone videography is to create a more emotional and immersive viewing experience. Potential buyers get to see sweeping views of the property, understand its layout, and the surrounding area in a dynamic way that static images can’t achieve. This sensory experience is particularly effective when the property is near points of interest, as it situates the home within a broader, attractive context.

Stand Out in the Akron Housing Market

Utilizing drone video for your real estate listing instantly elevates it above others. In a crowded market, properties featuring high-quality, immersive videos are more likely to grab attention, receive more views, and, ultimately, sell faster. It’s an investment in differentiating your listing and captivating the imaginations of potential buyers.

Emphasize Property Features With Drone Video

Whether it’s the expansive backyard, the proximity to Akron’s vibrant downtown, or the stunning architecture of the home itself, drone videos allow you to emphasize the features that make your property unique. This bird’s-eye view can also reveal the scale of a property, offering a comprehensive look at what buyers can expect.

Flight Restrictions

Due to Akron’s proximity to airports and other restricted zones, drone operators must pay particular attention to air traffic control restrictions. The extensive use of drones in real estate advertising has illuminated this.

FAA Clearance

Real estate agents must check the FAA’s airspace clearance maps before flying drones in Akron or any other location. This is an essential safety safeguard since drone operations must prevent human planes from blocking airspace restrictions.

Below is a map showing where Drone flight is restricted. If you have a property in any of those areas, you will need to collaborate with your real estate photographer to ensure that they have acquired the proper authorization to fly.

Here is an example of what it is like working with Captivly as your Akron Real Estate Photographer – Let’s say Jane has a listing that is right next to Uncle Tito’s Mexican Grille (undoubtedly the best Mexican restaurant in the area), and she calls and says “Hey! I need to get on the schedule for next Tuesday. Here is the address….. I would like drone photos with the listing.” As soon as we get the address and know she is looking for drone photos, we will check the flight maps. Based on the location, we can see that the area has a 0ft altitude limit because it is way too close to Akron Fulton International Airport. We would then let her know and apply for clearance. Typically, after a few days, we will hear back on the approval and then be able to move forward. 

Compliance Verification

Check the regulations in your Akron area to make sure you can legally fly your drone before you start taking pictures. Real estate brokers need the proper authorization to utilize drones safely and legally. This kind of investigation is necessary to stay out of legal trouble.

Hefty Fines For Un-Authorized Flights

Flying a drone in a restricted location without authorization might lead to serious penalties. These heavy fines remind brokers and real estate agents to operate drones lawfully and responsibly and to adhere strictly to all flight restrictions and regulations.

So, Does Your Akron Property Need Drone Media?

Absolutely, there has been a tremendous evolution in the usage of drone video for real estate advertising. Its ability to increase buyer interaction, stunning aerial vistas, and highlighted features make it an indispensable tool for contemporary real estate professionals. As the real estate industry expands, drones may completely alter how ads are shown. Not all real estate photography companies showcase their expertise using the latest equipment and advancements, but Captivly surely does. We make sure to make your property visuals using drones utterly realistic to attract more buyers. So, make sure to call Captivly for real estate photography today! 

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