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Stand out from the competition with a new perspective

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Let’s check out the research on homes and properties featuring drone photography. They have a 68% more likely chance to sell than those without the aerial photography. Those are numbers to get excited over!

Drone Photography gives buyers a better understanding of what the property looks like. Highlighting the outline dimensions, and adjacent area. Learn why we are advocates on drone photography for real estate. 

Captivly's Drone Services

This is an image of a house's lot lines in Brunswick Ohio

Property Outlines

Allow potential buyers to get a better understanding of the property lines. This will reduce uncertainty for buyers. Making the purchasing experience that much smoother. 

This is a photo of a Condo Association in Catawba

Aerial Photography

Give your buyers a birds eye view of the property. Allowing them to get a better perspective of the highlights that cant be captured from ground level.

Drone Video

There is no better way to promote your listing than with an engaging Drone video. It’s proven that a video will capture someones attention better than a still image. 

Stand Out From All The Other Agents With Drone Photography

The Benefits Of Drone Photography for Real Estate

Give a better understanding of the property from a birds eye view

68% More Likely To Sell

We have seen it first hand and have data backed from the MLS. If you had the opportunity to make your listing almost twice as likely to sell wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? That is why you need to add aerial photography to your next listing. with a 68% increased chance to sell your property, it’s a no brainer.

Show The Property Dimensions

Don’t get us wrong, our ground shots are unrivaled.. but some things just have to be done with a drone and UAV pilot. Drone photos from above the property can give a unique prospective to buyers that helps them understand what they are getting into before they even set up a tour. Understanding things like, how far is the patio from the lake? How big is the side patio in relation to the yard? How does all the features relate to one another (house, yard, garage…)

Highlight More Features

So you are listing a house that has solar panels on the roof, how do you plan on featuring that without drone photos? 

Aerial stills give you the opportunity to feature aspects of the listing that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Twilight of an Akron house

Licensed Drone Pilots

Our Photographers Are Part 107 Certified

Fines More Than The Comision You'd Likely Make On A Half A Million Dollar House

Don’t take the bait! As tempting as it can be to have your best friends kid with a drone shoot your houses for cheap, the risk is not worth it. Regardless of how much you would pay them. For just a little bit more you can have a certified drone pilot shoot for you. That would remove the risk of an $11,000 fine!

The FAA has confirmed in writing the penalties for un-licensed flight. For an unlicensed pilot, the fine is $1,100 per event/flight where the images are used. BUT more importantly, the fine for the real estate agent who hired unlicensed pilot is $11,000. Of course, if you’re an agent who bought the drone and took the photo or video yourself, you’ll be liable for both fines.   

Not Every House Has Clearance For Drone Flight

Let’s also take a look at shooting houses that are just a few miles away from an airport. It is REQUIRED to get clearance to fly from the FAA before that drone is ever unpacked and sent up.

Real Estate
Photography Made Simple

Step 1 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 1

Give us a call or book online when you acquire a new listing. We will guide you through the process & setup your session.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 2

Join us on site for the photo shoot or stay home and relax. Either way, your photos will look perfect.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 3

Effortlessly download the finished photos from the cloud. Show them off, sell the home, & take all the credit!

Want To Know What To Expect When Working With Captivly For Your Drone Project?

Who Is Flying The Drone?

Captivly has very strict requirements for all of our photographers and drone pilots. Every photographer on our team is certified to fly a drone for commercial purposes. So when you work with Captivly Real Estate Photography, your pilot knows the ropes. 

Meaning they are qualified, trained and professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilots who are experienced photographers.

So To get specific, our team is approved by the FAA. We display the utmost professionalism, and will supply high-quality work.

What Is Included With My Aerial Job?

This one is dependent on the specifics that you order. At Captivly, we provide high-res drone footage. This includes aerial photos, drone videos, and edited videos to use on your listing or social media (we recommend using it on both platforms).

All the media we capture is hosted on our platforms, and we supply you the link to download your project. Making it easy to display on your website, share on multiple platforms, and send to colleagues.

How Long Does It Take?

The first step to getting the project set up is to reach out to us and get something on the schedule. Once your order is placed, and on the schedule, one of our team members will be at your job site. You can expect us to be on time.

Once on-site, we will complete your job. Then head back to the office to start the editing and post-production process.

Depending on the exact things you needed for your project, you can expect to have your product back within 1-5 days.

Prepping The Property For Drone Photography

  • Park your vehicles in the garage or on the road
  • Make sure any toys such as basketballs and children’s cars are put away
  • Have the landscaping trimmed and lawn cut
  • Make sure all patio furniture is properly set (chairs are at the tables and cushions are set out.)
  • If you have a fountain in your pond make sure it is turned on 
  • Make sure the drone pilot is aware of any property features you would like to focus on. (While we are great at what we do, open communication ensures the best job)
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Drone Photography Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on what you are looking for. What we can say is the most common price for a drone video that you would use on social media typically will run around $100 on top of the cost of the photos. 

If you are looking for something specific give us a ring or shoot us a message and we will get back to you with a refined quote of what your job will cost. 

Sure, but you better have spent the time and money getting certified as a UAV pilot. Then check your METARs, TAFs, and make sure you have the right clearance to shoot the property based on its location. 

Other wise let someone from our team take care of the leg work. Our drone photography add on is very affordable!

Great question! the biggest thing that helps out the drone pilot when shooting photos of the property is to make sure all of the vehicles are out of the way – ideally in the garage or parked in the street. Other wise do your typical maintenance, mow the lawn, take care of the landscapes and trim, and make sure all toys are out of the yard. 

1000%! When your photographer/pilot shows up to the job, feel free to ask us for our drone license. We are certified and proud of it!  But when you take a look at our license, just go easy on the comments about weight. Some of us got into cooking when COVID hit.

There are many different types of drone services available. From residential real estate to commercial real estate, along with business and corporate services. Check out this article on drone services.

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