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More Than 3D Tours & Floor Plans

Win The Real Estate Game With An
iGuide Virtual Tour

An iGuide virtual tour will give you access to all the property information that you and your buyers will be looking for. This allows buyers to make decisions faster, plan, and easily navigate the digital version of the property. Including more than just a 3D virtual tour, you will also be able to offer your sellers accurate floor plans, immersive 360 degree images, spot on room dimensions, high quality photos and much more!

Professional Real Estate Photography helps realtors sell their listings faster, and get higher offers.

VR With iGuide

With the iGuide virtual tour, you can offer a unique immersive experience allowing users to know where they are in the space with the live floor plans. Giving buyers the opportunity to use technology to their advantage and explore a space with a simple step by step and hot spot navigation.
Example of virtual tour floor plans

iGuide Floor Plan

Sometimes buyers don’t have enough time to get back to a listing to take important measurements. That is where the iGuide Virtual Tour comes in to play, with precision floor plans you are able to utilize the iGuide measurement tools to get that important information to inform your buyers to make their decisions.

Leverage the beautiful features of this gorgeous living room

iGuide Tags

With iGuide Tags we are able to help provide your buyers with more information within the iGuide virtual tour. Driving engagement with buyers and helps highlight critical aspects of the property.

wide angle real estate photography shot of a kitchen dining room combo

Floor Plans Designed to Sell

We know the market is very competitive for real estate agents, and it is imperative to stand out from the rest. At Captivly Real Estate Photography we make sure to offer you every way to do so. A Floor plan is a perfect way to provide a detailed understanding of how a specific space will work. Showcasing the flow of the house, the size of rooms, how doors open, and the storage space. Your clients will gain a true appreciation of how the light will brighten up rooms or where they plan on setting up their office desks with the perfect view.

Immersive 3D Virtual Tour

The most interactive thing you can offer home buyers is a 360 virtual tour. This enhancement turns any listing into a 3d home giving home buyers the ability to use the VR tour to feely walk through the listing from the comfort of their home. Allowing every angle to be seen as if they were actually touring the house with their agent.

Real Estate Photo of a Kitchen in Cleveland Ohio
Customers at the counter of the famous Akronym Brewing Company

Personal Assistant For Realtors

Wtih an iGuide virtual tour you give potential buyers the ability to view a property anywhere and any time. With the added floor plans, meauring tools, photos and much more… The iGuide will help answer any questions your clients may have, saving you time and money! Opening up your market across the globe, As long as someone has access to a computer and internet they can have their own private showing at any time.

iGuide Analytics - Reports For Realtors

computer displaying iGuide analytics

The iGuide analytics will provide you valuable insights that are focused on tracking where your listing is getting the most traffic, and by who is accessing your information. By utilizing this information you can make strategic decisions. Focusing on providing you with the information you need, when you need it, you you can spend your time on closing the deal.

How Much Traffic Your Listing is Getting

Understand Your Users

See How Long Users View Your Listing

What Comes With An iGuide Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Icon

360 Images

360 photography for real estate will allow your customers to visually explore your listings from the comfort of their homes. Check out the dishwasher, the fireplace, or look at the ceiling. Get a more immersive  experience than with just traditional photos.

Virtual Tour Floor and Room Dimensions


Floor and room dimensions – The software we use comes with advanced lidar lasers. This technology will allow you and your customers to get precise measurements of a property within a 0.5% margin of error or less. Aiding those buyers who need to furnish their soon to be new home.

Virtual Tour Floor Plan Icon

Floor Plans

Floor plans are the perfect way to represent a space in 2 dimensions and get a better understanding of a property with a quick glance. They give in depth context for each room and help with planning and decision making. Your customers can easily start to see how they would lay out the house as if they owned it. These Floor plans are integrated into your virtual tour but can also be downloaded directly.

Square Footage Measurement icon

Square Footage

Square footage/floor areas attach value to a property and are used in real estate listings, comparables analysis, and Automated Valuation Models. Every iGUIDE 3D tour provides detailed and defensible square footage analysis and typical iGUIDE square footage uncertainty easily meets the requirements of various property measurement standards (such as 2% for BOMA and Alberta RMS).
Advanced Virtual Tour Measurements icon


The advanced measurements tool will change the way you understand space. Easily measure directly in the floor plan or in an image on the virtual tour.
Listing Photos Icons


On top of the beautiful and interactive images from the virtual tour. You can easily access the traditional photos taken all in one spot. Allowing the real estate agent to send their customers one link for the property that will be able to give those buyers everything regarding the property
Virtual Tour Featured Video Icon


Share your videos inside of the link to your virtual tour. The connection between space can be more easily understood in this way. Aerial video is one of the best ways to give a perspective that’s impossible to achieve any other way.
icon of an overhead map for a drone photography logo


Something just as important as the perfect house is the perfect neighborhood. Neighborhood information is useful for finding schools, nearby restaurants, stores, and local parks. The surrounding area is extremely important to homebuyers and can be more important than the property itself.

iGuide Logo and Report

Your iGuide Delivered

You have that beautiful house that you wanted all the benefits of the iGuide virtual tour; Floorplans, Ultra high-def 360 images, Dimensions of every room, Extremely easy-to-navigate interactive floor plans, Accurate square footage, room measurements, and much more.

Completion E-mail From iGuide and Your Real Estate Photographer

Once your photographer has captured your listing and has put your tour together, you will receive an email with all the amazing benefits the iGuide has to offer. This email is considered the iGuide report and will be broken down into several useful tools to help you promote your listing and enhance your brand as a professional real estate agent.

Screenshot of an iGuide report sent to a realtor via email

Virtual Tour Links

We want to ensure we are cognisant of following the guidelines for the MLS. Being said, you will see two “Virtual Tour Links.” the first one you will see is the Branded link, where you can upload your branding and send the link directly to various buyers you work with, along with posting to social media. This ensures that everyone can see that you are the agent going above and beyond for your sellers, building up your brand every time someone looks at the tour. The second link is the one you will utilize for the MLS. This is termed the unbranded link, which will make sure that you are within regulations for uploading a virtual tour into the MLS.

Floor Plans From Your iGuide

Since the iGuide system utilizes state-of-the-art LiDAR sensors, you are able to receive an extremely accurate floor plan layout and dimensions. You will have two links to choose from the first link will be a PDF of the room dimension in feet, and the second will be in meters (granted in the US, most of the time, we will be leveraging the first link). This will allow you to print out the floor plans prior to an open house and hand out extremely valuable property details to potential buyers.

Downloads - Professional Images & Photo Spheres

When we capture an iGuide, it is always an add-on to professional real estate photos. When you are looking at your iGuide report, you will see a section that is titled Download. This section will have a few more 3D Tour Links. The first one is an MLS-sized image gallery which will allow you to save your photos in the right size to upload to the MLS. The second is a Hi-resolution gallery of your images to truly promote the beauty of your listing. The third will be a download link, which will allow you to download your virtual tour for offline viewing. And the last link will be titled “Photo Spheres”. The photo spheres are an amazing way to drive engagement to your listing through social media by uploading a 360 degree image that is sure to target and capture any buyers attention. Making it easy for agents to utilize the appropriate imaging.

iGuide Tools

Your virtual tour is here to make your life easier. From social media marketing to marketing at open houses. Within the Tools section of your iGuide report you are able to customize your own unique feature sheet to be leveraged at open houses. Giving you all of the benefits your online tour has but on a branded, easy-to-print, and hand-out flyer. You will also see a link titled “Embedding Tool.” You can use this to place your iGuide virtual tour directly on your realtor’s website for even more visibility.

Property Details - Room Measurements & Floor Area Information

The last main section you will find in this email is a super detailed report of your listing’s specs. Giving you the confidence to talk to questions about room dimensions and square footage. Breaking down the dimensions of each room individually so you can make sure your buyers are educated to the fullest on the property.

Frequently Asked iGuide Questions

iGUIDE® is a listing platform for real estate professionals to share the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home. With iguide virtual home tours, buyers don’t just see a home, they see themselves living there.

YES! An iGuide virtual tour can be included on a Zillow listing by adding it as a virtual tour to the MLS listing. Afterward, the VR tour or slideshow can be viewed on the Zillow listing in the Facts and Features section by clicking on the View Virtual Tour link.

An iGuide is arguably the most affordable premium virtual tour on the market. iGuide is considered our most premium virtual tour that we offer, with our basic virtual tour being the Zillow 3d home tour. To have a photographer come out and add a premium 360 tour starts at $149. The biggest benefit of the iGuide, is that you only have to pay one upfront fee (which covers hosting for the year). This will significantly reduce your cost over the course of a year (and we would be surprised if you had a listing with a virtual tour that took longer than a month or two to sell!)

Now, this comes down to personal preference. Here at Captivly we are hands down advocates for the iGuide virtual tour. All of the benefits you get with the iGuide are un-rivaled. Paired with the user interface that makes it easy enough for anyone to navigate the tour. Not to mention, iGuide allows you to have a virtual showing with your clients. This gives you the ability to give your clients guidance as you walk through the real estate listing, from the comfort of your home or office. Saving you time while you make sure your buyers are getting the perfect house.
An iGuide 3D tour camera is a camera built for the highest quality virtual tours and is loved by professional photographers across the globe. Built with state-of-the-art technology, an iGuide tour allows for easier navigation compared to its competitors (which we also offer). Along with an interactive floor plan that will give your clients the confidence and a thorough understanding of your listing they need when viewing a listing online.
Absolutely! When choosing to get an iGuide virtual tour, you will receive countless benefits. One of those being an in-depth report and property floor plan.
This is a three-dimensional, fully immersive addition to your marketing as a real estate professional. Giving your clients everything they need to understand and visualize a listing. This is another term for an interactive floor plan. Which allows your clients to interact and navigate a property online and in the comfort of their own homes. As they virtually walk through a property, potential buyers are able to zoom in on specific aspects of each room, allowing them to get a full understanding of the entire property.

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