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Sell Houses Faster With
Photography for Real Estate

We could sit here and share the stats with you, like 83% of home buyers say the pictures are extremely important, that 72.2% of realtors claim that by using professional photos they get more listings and that on average agents who use professional real estate photos make double the commission… But the fact of the matter is, that consistently using high-quality images for your listings will in turn help you sell more houses faster. What Real Estate Agent doesn’t want that?

That’s why we pride ourselves on allowing agents to easily schedule appointments with us, showing up on time in a professional manner, and offering our services at an affordable price.

Every Real Estate Photography
Job Comes With A Virtual
Twilight Edit

Before After

At Captivly Real Estate Photography, we want to make sure that you stand out from the competition. That is why every single listing that we shoot comes with a twilight edit.
Utilizing the Twilight edit, you are able to promote your listing with a hero shot that is perfect for social media! Listings that feature a twilight photo are very eye-catching and help attract potential buyers by showing just how amazing the home can be.

Professional Photography at an
Affordable Price

Real Estate Photography Pricing

Up to 3,500 Sq. Ft.

$ 199
  • Add Drone Photos for $99
  • Add A Basic Virtual Tour For $99
  • Add A Premium Virtual Tour For $224

3,500 - 6,000 Sq. Ft.

$ 249
  • Add Drone Photos for $99
  • Add A Basic Virtual Tour For $149
  • Add A Premium Virtual Tour For $275

6,000 - 10,000 Sq. Ft.

$ 299
  • Add Drone Photos for $99
  • Add A Basic Virtual Tour For $199
  • Add A Premium Virtual Tour For $299

Whats Included In Our Edits

Going Above & Beyond For Our Clients

Sky Replacement

We all know that in Ohio the weather is unpredictable… Don’t let a rainy day ruin your Real Estate photos. Our team will replace a sky that is overcast, washed out, or just doesn’t look perfect with a beautiful clear, blue sky.

Grass Touch Up

The perfect lawn is a big thing some people look for when purchasing a home, and it also adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal. Repairing a lawn that may be a little brown from a lack of rain or replacing sections can show potential buyers just how great the lawn can be. Then before we send your real estate photos we make sure the grass is looking fresh.

Adding Fire To Fireplace

What better way to show just how cozy and inviting a room is than by adding a warming fire in the fireplace. Adding a fire will grab the viewer’s attention and is likely to have them imagine themselves in front of the fire with their loved ones. That is why we make sure your real estate photos are as captivating as possible.

TV Screen Replacement

The perfect size TV adds a lot to a room. But,  a black box is unappealing in a beautiful living room, so replacing the blank screen with a beautiful image can really enrich the listing photo and the mood of the room. It is also the perfect way to hide any unwanted reflections that may be on the screen, or people in the room.

Please Download This FREE STAGING guide and send it to the homeowner before we arrive.

Benefits of Hiring A Real Estate Photography Business

Did you know real estate agents who use professional real estate photography make double the average compared to those realtors who don't?

Stand Out Online

By having all of your listings captured by a professional real estate photographer you are promoting your brand as a realtor. Let’s take a deeper look… Look up some of the top online stores, then look at their product photography. You will notice, from a $10 shirt to a $600 designer dress shirt, that every product will have photos that are professional and consistent. 

This is done on purpose. Brands know that professional photography is one of the most powerful tools that lead to more “click-throughs” (users clicking on the listing) leading to more purchases. These companies also know that the images consumers are seeing build the brand’s perception in the market. So, with high-quality real estate photos, you are promoting your brand as a  real estate agent. This will help you stand out against the competition in the long run and help you earn more listings. 

Professional Real Estate Photos Help Build Your Brand

As stated above, by utilizing the same real estate photography company for all of your listings, you will create brand consistency. Going one step further, a professional and consistent brand gives real estate agents, confidence when going into a listing presentation and demonstrates their worth to prospects. ( Just imagine the look of your prospect when you show up with a phenomenal portfolio of houses that sold above listing with professional real estate photos and virtual tours.) This leads to a developed marketing strategy which tends to make the real estate agent very successful.

Fun Fact: Real Estate Agents who start using a professional real estate company for all of their listings experienced an increase in referrals, attract more qualified buyers, and inevitably earn more listings – all of which elevates your brand as a real estate agent.

It's More Than Just The Equipment That Leads To Professional Real Estate Photos

Whether you went out and purchased a pro-level DSL or are using the newest iPhone to take your own real estate photos. It doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to take the same photo that a professional real estate photographer will get. So, save yourself some valuable time and money – Let us make take care of your listings photos, we have the skill to make sure we are utilizing natural light, utilizing angles that will amplify the size of the rooms, capture details through windows, and showcasing your real estate listings the way they deserve.

Let us show you the difference professional real estate images make! Don’t settle for stock photos or low-quality exteriors; hire Captivly, a photographer who understands how to use a light source and best market your listing.

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Delivering High Quality Virtual Tours to North East Ohio

Professional real estate photos help agents sell their listing faster, for more money, and make you look amazing as a realtor to attract more buyers and. Real estate photography is not an expense but is more of a business investment – In regards to real estate photography, it is just as import to have professional images as it is to have pay MLS dues, networking groups, a website, and social media marketing.

In most instances the real estate agent is responsible to pay for the photographer. Realtors and brokerages who are looking to improve their brand image and enrich their marketing stragy will use professional a real estate photographer. By using this service they will have an easier time selling more listings and earning more properties to sell.

Captivly keeps our real estate photography pricing simple and affordable. So if you are looking to earn more listings, attract more potential buyers, then real estate pictures are a crucial step in the process.

There are several crutial components to focus on when capturing perfecrt real estate images. A few of these perfect factors include lighting, exposure, composition, and understanding the floor plan. Ultimately, professional photographers are trained to take listing images that help the best market the property.

It’s easy to think that higher price listings deserve better professional real estate photography and marketing. Naturally we will deduct that a multi-million dollar listing will deserve far more than a first time home that is $180,000. But, that is the wrong way to look at it. You and your clients deserve the best marketing for their real estate listing – no matter what the value of the property is. Statistically over 95% of home buyers are looking at houses online, and the way that you visually market your listings are one of the most important things to ensure you stand out from the competition.

No Worries! if your listing is not staged, the photos can still turn out phenomenal. We have shot numerous listings that were empty. It is a great way to show the true size of the property.

But if you would like to take your listing to the next level than virtual staging is the perfect option. We can be your interior designers for a fraction of the cost. Adding in furniture that you would never be able to know wasnt really in the picture. Some of the great benefits that come with virtual staging is: Increasing buyer interest, driving higher sales prices, removing any perception of an empty cold space, sell properties faster, furnish a home for a fraction of the cost, and stage the property to match the architectural style.

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