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iGuide Virtual Tours Explained

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Imagine captivating buyers and igniting their interest, all without them setting foot inside your property. In these times of augmented reality and virtual reality, you have to up your game to enthrall your prospects and up your marketing game. An iGuide 3d tour is the ace up your real estate marketing sleeve that you need. iGuide will convey the size, space, and ambiance of your property in beautiful 3D.

A virtual tour paints your property in the best light and invites every virtual buyer to witness its splendor. With a click or tap, buyers explore freely, gazing around upwards and changing perspectives at will. It’s like Google Maps Street View but for your property. No travel is required, and no live tours are necessary.

Importance of virtual tours in the real estate industry

A real estate virtual tour is a visual journey through your property. It will transport the viewer and place them inside your property. They can look around and take in the beauty of the place. In a world where people are always on the clock, buyers can tour multiple properties from a single location. They can examine every detail from every angle.

An iGuide virtual tour creates a thoroughly immersive experience that goes beyond static images or glossy videos. Real estate agents spend less time on physical viewings as a customer has already taken a virtual tour of all the properties they were interested in and have more likely already taken their pick.

But what is an iGuide virtual tour?

Overview of iGuide virtual tours as an innovative solution

Captivly’s iGuide virtual tours use state-of-the-art technology to render a lifelike, 3D representation of a property. The representation remains true to the floor plan and the room dimensions. This is made possible by a 360-degree camera placed at strategic points within the house to craft a detailed 3D virtual tour. Real estate agents can guide buyers through the tour using a compatible voice client, such as Zoom or Google Meet, making it feel like an in-person tour. This is one of the many ways in which iGuide successfully markets your property with professional photos and an immersive 3D tour.
Iguide Virtual Tours Explained: An Informational Graphic showcasing the Three Pillars of Iguide Virtual Tours - Iguide Virtual Tour Viewer, Iguide Report, and Iguide Analytics. The Image Features Three Computer Screens, Each Displaying the Respective Category, Against a Palette of White, Blue, and Grey Tones.

Understanding iGuide Virtual Tours

Definition of iGuide virtual tours

iGuide is an immersive 3D tour platform that combines accurate floor plans, 360 images, room dimensions, listing photos, and more to give the viewer a truly digital tour experience and the seller a competitive edge.

How iGuide technology works to create immersive experiences

iGuide uses technology-packed cameras with LIDAR sensors to capture stunning photos and property details and measure the room dimensions at the same time. LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging, which is the same technology used in some self-driving vehicles. It functions similarly to radar by beaming a laser or and measure the time it takes to come back to the receiver. This allows iGuide to create incredibly accurate measurements of rooms. Combine these floor plans with HDR photography and the ability to put property information tags inside the virtual tour on specific features you want to highlight, and it becomes clear why iGuide is one of the most popular platforms.

Compatibility and accessibility across devices and platforms

iGuide is accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices; This brings convenience to the viewer as they can access the property from anywhere. iGuides also come with iGuide Analytics, which allows you to track where traffic to your iGuide is coming from, if you have new or returning visitors, and how much time they spend viewing the property.

Key Features Of iGuide Virtual Tours

iGuide comes with a plethora of features. Here is a list of the top ones.

Gallery Feature

iGuide has the ability to upload your professional listing photos right to the tour. This allows you to not only have a captivating 3D tour but also showcase the property with traditional, architectural and aerial photography. This features also allows the agent to upload their profile picture, broker info, and contact information with social profiles.

Floor Plans

Every iGuide comes with a highly accurate, LIDAR-measured floor plan that is available online and in a printable format (you can also navigate the interactive floor plan as you virtually tour the property). Floor plans come in two types, depending on what you’re looking for. Standard shows accurate floor plan layout and room measurements. Premium comes with the added detail of where appliances and fixtures are to get a better layout.

iGuide DWG Floor Plans

DWG floor plans make capturing architectural and a construction-grade detailed floor plans faster and easier. These floor plans are even more detailed than the premium tier floor plan as they are builder grade. Delivery of these type floor plans has historically been 5-10 days, but with iGuide technology and processing, they can be completed in 48h hours.

iGuide Preview

iGuide preview harnesses the power of AI to have your virtual tour and floor plans viewable within minutes of completing the property scan. This allows you to have a live tour while you’re waiting for professional drafting services to complete your finalized tour. This is a great feature when you on a time crunch with a listing.

iGuide Tags

iGuide tags allow you to add comments and photos on clickable icons within the virtual tour. This allows you to comment on a home’s selling points and features. You have to add a tag on the kitchen counter noting when it was renovated or the electrical panel telling viewers when it was replaced. Tags can be put anywhere within the virtual tour and can just be text, images, videos or links. Tags can be customized via their color, opacity, and tail length, giving you endless possibilities.

Advanced Measurements

Advanced measurements allow you to harness the power of LIDAR technology while on the virtual tour. These measurements allow viewers to measure walls, windows, doorways, or anything within the 3D space. This makes it easy when order furniture, decor, and appliances without having to take measurements on-site. Not only can potential buyers see if their current furniture with fit the space, but home buyers can use the virtual tour after they move in for reference when they are furnishing the space.

Virtual Showings

Virtual showings is an innovation by iGuide that allows the hosting to give guided virtual tours before letting the prospective buyer explore on their own. By simply sending the link to potential buyers, they can see your virtual tour screen without having to use screen share technology like Zoom or Google Meet. This allows easier navigation, a smoother tour and you can have multiple viewers on all different devices.

Google Street View

iGuide of publicly accessible places like businesses can be sent to Google to be added as Google Street View. This allows people to have a better experience as they virtually tour the space because it was taken with dedicated real estate photography equipment. This gives businesses the ability to allow customers to tour their space through a captivating 3D tour and has high search rankings in Google Maps as Google appreciates a professional tour for their map platform.

Virtual Reality

An iGuide tour has the ability to be viewed with virtual reality goggles, allowing an even more immersive experience for the viewer. The floor plan is displayed in augmented reality allowing the viewer to always know where they are on the property as well as adding the benefit of easy navigation between rooms and floors.

Virtual Staging

iGuide virtual tours have the ability to use virtual staging. This is a fraction of the cost of hiring a staging company to stage the property before the photo shoot and come back and pick up their decor. Virtual staging comes with the added benefit of taking a bare property and allowing the viewer to see what it might look like once they move in and furnished the space.


Floor planner takes iGuide floor plans virtual staging to the next level. Viewers can decorate the property as they see fit with a variety of furniture, lighting, paint color appliances, and flooring. These decorated 2D and 3D floor plans can then be converted to 3D rendered models with proper natural lighting to experience the new space. The floor planner feature also allows 3D renovations so floor plans can be changed to see the property’s true potential. This means walls can be added or removed to create your own floor plan layout.

iGuide Report

When you get an iGuide virtual tour from a company like Captivly Real Estate Photography, you will get an email of what iGuide refers to as their “iGuide Report.” within this report, you will have access to every bit of information that you need regarding your virtual tour, including 3d tour links to the branded and unbranded virtual tour, links to the floor plans / square footage and the ability to download your own open house material based on the media captured by your real estate photographer.

Benefits of iGuide Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Not everyone has the time to visit all their bookmarked properties. Then there is also the problem with location. If a prospect is interested in a property that is in another town or even another state, it may not be possible to arrange a physical viewing. But with Captivly’s iGuide virtual tours, prospective buyers can view a property at any time from the comfort of their homes. They can get a real feel for a property and its layout and can explore every nook and cranny without stepping inside.

Increased engagement and interest from potential buyers

People are mesmerized by technology so much that some buyers even filter by “virtual tours available” when they are property-hunting. Having a virtual tour ensures that you not only attract more views but also grab more eyeballs.
Iguide Virtual Tours Explained: A Snapshot from a Virtual Tour Featuring a Kitchen and Living Room. Granite Counters and Table, Blue Chairs, and a Black Dining Table with White Chairs Convey Elegance. Sunlight Illuminates the Backyard Through Dining Room Windows. The Kitchen Boasts a Clean, Uncluttered Aesthetic with a Multicolored Stone Backsplash, White Cabinets, and Teal Accents. A Crystal Chandelier Adorns the Kitchen Eating Area, and Brown Wood Floors Enhance the Warmth. A White Area Rug in the Dining Room Adds Sophistication, and the Iguide Virtual Tour Floor Plan on the Right Offers Viewer Navigation.

Saving time and narrowing down property options more efficiently

iGuide virtual tours are available 24/7, accommodating busy schedules and global audiences. They transcend geographical boundaries, attracting buyers from all corners of the world. Think about the convenience of exploring a property without leaving your town. Virtual tours pre-qualify potential buyers, as they can explore the property extensively. This means fewer unnecessary physical showings—which is always a good thing.

Offering a competitive advantage in a digitally-driven market

An iGuide virtual tour shows that you are committed to modern technology and understand the importance of providing your customers with a pleasant buying experience. You also get priority listings on several platforms if your listing includes a virtual tour. This is where you get another edge over the competition as Captivly’s iGuide lets you showcase your property to a wider audience.

Eliminates the need for multiple viewings

iGuide Virtual tours are the pinnacle of cost-effectiveness for arranging viewings. They save time, money, and effort, while delivering a visually immersive experience. Prospective buyers and tenants can explore properties from the comfort of their own homes. They can stroll through each room, inspect every detail, and envision themselves living there. This eliminates the need for multiple physical visits, reducing travel expenses and saving valuable time. No more rushing from one property to another, dealing with traffic and delays.

iGuide Virtual Tours for Real Estate Professionals

Providing an engaging and interactive marketing tool

Most home buyers are used to scrolling through property listings, viewing photos, and reading specs and descriptions. One way to stand out in this competitive market is by providing a fun, interactive experience. Virtual tours allow home searchers to go through a property at their own pace and view whatever comes to mind. Adding the guided virtual open houses allows you to show multiple people, on different devices, all at once. This allows you to show more people the home and keeps the burden on the current homeowner to a minimum.

Increasing exposure and attracting remote buyers

Having a VR tour on your listings allows more online exposure by adding ranking factors for search engines to display. They also allow remote and abroad buyers and investors to tour properties and make offers without having to take a long drive or buy a plane ticket. This save considerable expense for all parties involved.

Generating higher-quality leads and reducing unnecessary showings

At Captivly, we are constantly collecting data from real estate professionals and home buyers alike. An overwhelming response we get from home buyers is that they wish properties had more virtual tours because going to in-person showings is a real-time commitment, and home buyers know within a matter of minutes once inside if the home is right for them. Many home buyers say that they would be able to save time for themselves and their agents if they could go through a virtual tour before committing to an in-person showing. Leveraging iGuide virtual tours is a great way to book more qualified in-person showings because the potential buyer has already looked at the virtual tour and is still interested enough in the property to take time out of their day to tour it.

Enhancing the credibility and professionalism of real estate listings

Having a virtual tour on your listings shows your commitment to attention to detail, thoroughness, and professionalism. When a homeowner is looking for an agent to list their house, they want to see that agent uses every tool available to market and sell their home at the highest possible value. Home sellers know the value that VR tours add to listings and will be looking at your past listings to see if they have them.
Example of iGuide Virtual Tour On Multiple Devices

iGuide Virtual Tours for Home Sellers

Showcasing properties in an immersive and engaging manner

Many homeowners that are selling their property without an agent don’t have expertise in real estate marketing. Many times they take their own photos and write their own descriptions. Although this may save money in the short term, it can lead to less interest in a property and a lower selling price in the end. Having a virtual tour on your listing shows potential buyers you are committed to a great selling experience and builds more trust. Giving them an immersive experience that shows them the property and all its features is a great way to set yourself apart in a competitive market.

Capturing the attention of potential buyers and standing out in the market

According to the National Association of Realtors, 94% of listings don’t have virtual tours. Make your listing stand out in the market by giving the buyers what they want. In a work-from-home society, people want to work and shop from the comfort of their own homes. They only go to in-person tours when they know they really like the space and are interested in making an offer. Having a virtual tour puts you in the 6% of real estate marketing best practices.

Reducing the number of physical showings and improving property security

Having people constantly coming to your home for a tour can be a real pain. Cleaning the house and making sure everything is organized and put away takes a lot of time and causes stress, especially if you have kids. By staging the home once and having a virtual tour done, you can point these potential buyers to tour your property virtually to see if they are interested. By limiting the number of people in your house, you also have the added security benefit of not having total strangers consistently touring your house. They may have more on their mind than just seeing the property, like what kind of TV or jewelry you have. By keeping high-value items out of the virtual tour, you can lower your risk of theft.

Appealing to remote buyers and out-of-town investors

Many out-of-town buyers and investors don’t have time to tour your property in person. By having a virtual tour, you will be in a small market of homes for sale that this out-of-town buyer is looking at if they are unwilling to travel to do time constraints like work. This lowers the competition in an already highly competitive market and puts your listing towards the top of these potential buyers’ minds.
Screenshot of what the beginning of an iGuide Virtual Tour Looks Like

iGuide Virtual Tours for Property Management

iGuide Virtual Tours revolutionizes property management, making it a breeze for landlords and property managers.

Streamlining the rental and leasing process with remote property viewings

Prospective tenants can virtually explore the property from anywhere, saving time and effort. By accurately showcasing the property upfront through remote viewings, tenants are less likely to be disappointed and seek alternative options. They can thoroughly explore the property before committing, ensuring a better fit.

Attracting high-quality tenants and reducing vacancy rates

iGuide Virtual Tours can help you attract high-quality tenants who are genuinely interested in your property. You can lease out your properties faster and keep their vacancy rates to a minimum.

Facilitating virtual property inspections and maintenance planning

Inspectors can remotely assess the property, identifying any maintenance or repair needs. Planning for future maintenance and renovations also becomes possible thanks to the detailed property measurements provided by iGuide. You will avoid costly surprises later as you will always have accurate information at your fingertips.

Enhancing tenant satisfaction and reducing turnover

Happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases, reducing turnover and associated costs. And you can enhance tenant satisfaction by offering iGuide virtual tours as part of the leasing process. Virtual tours empower tenants to visualize themselves living in the space, increasing their attachment. The convenience and transparency of iGuide can lead to long-term tenant relationships.
This captivating aerial architectural photograph takes us on a mesmerizing journey above downtown Akron, revealing a stunning modern building in all its glory. The image, expertly captured from a drone, offers a unique and awe-inspiring perspective of the cityscape. The modern building stands tall and proud amidst its urban surroundings, showcasing sleek lines, contemporary design elements, and architectural prowess. From this aerial vantage point, we are able to appreciate the intricate details and the seamless integration of the structure within the urban fabric. The photograph perfectly encapsulates the essence of aerial architectural photography, showcasing the scale, grandeur, and unique characteristics of the building from a bird's-eye view. It invites viewers to marvel at the modern marvels that grace our city skylines and ignites a sense of wonder and appreciation for the artistry and innovation of architectural design.

How iGuide Virtual Tours Can Be Used For Homebuilders and Remodelers

iGuide Virtual Tours are a game-changer for home builders and remodelers, providing a powerful tool for success. It empowers you to make informed decisions and execute projects flawlessly.

Every Measurement At Your Fingertip

Gone are the days of relying on manual measurements or guesswork. iGuide ensures accuracy and saves you valuable time. Every measurement you need is just a click away.

Precision Floor Plans

Bid goodbye to manual measurements and welcome precision floor plans with iGuide’s comprehensive technology. You will never have to struggle with interpreting complicated blueprints or relying on inaccurate sketches. With iGuide’s precision floor plans, you can visualize the layout and dimensions of the space with utmost clarity.

See The Space You Are Working On From Any Time

Visualize the space you’re working on from any location and at any time with iGuide’s virtual tours. No need to be physically present to assess the property. iGuide Virtual Tours bring it to you, no matter where you are. These immersive tours allow you to examine every detail, ensuring a seamless remodeling or construction process.

So, leverage the power of iGuide Virtual Tours and unleash your full potential in the world of construction and remodeling. The possibilities are endless.

Example of virtual tour floor plans

Conclusion Overview Of iGuide Virtual Torus

Recap of the benefits and features of iGuide virtual tours

There are a multitude of benefits to adding an iGuide virtual tour to your real estate listings. From extending your online presence and reach to long-distance buyers to qualifying buyers and getting more high-quality leads. When you have a virtual tour on your listing, your showing your commitment to tier-one real estate marketing, and the buyers in the marketplace will take note.

Emphasis on the transformative role it plays in property exploration

Although virtual tours aren’t a new technology, the advantages and technological improvements have made them more and more valuable to your listings and your bottom line. Buyers’ digital appetite has changed over the years, and VR tours help you stay ahead of the curve. v

Why You Need To leverage iGuide virtual tours for immersive real estate experiences

Put yourself in the top 6% of real estate marketing and sales professionals by leveraging iGuide virtual tours on your listings. You’ll have more qualified in-person showings and be building a reputation in your peer group as a thought leader in modern-day real estate sales.

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