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What Is Real Estate Photography?

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What is Real Estate Photography?

If you have made it to this section of our website, I am sure you have heard of real estate photography at one point or another. But, Did you realize that real estate photography is more than just taking pictures for realtors to list houses for sale on the MLS and other home listing websites?

If not, then dig into this section, where we talk about what real estate photography is and all the different aspects of it.

10,000 Foot View Of What Is Real Estate Photography

So from a 10,000-foot view, real estate photography is the creation of photos for a property, such as a house, that is going to sell on the housing market or be rented out.

A real estate photographer will take photos of the home’s interior and exterior. Then will edit the images to highlight the properties, features, aesthetics, and appeal. Ultimately, the photos’ goal is to offer various viewers captivating images that will capture their attention by presenting it in the best way possible.

Professional real estate photography leverages a property’s best features — whether it’s lighting, angles, a focal point, or something else — to make the property stand out in a very crowded market. Done right, the photos will attract potential buyers and renters and increase the number of showings.

What is Real Estate Photography: A 10,000-Foot View. This image captures a sitting room near the front door, providing a comprehensive perspective of real estate photography. The room features a wooden desk and two comfy chairs, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Double windows frame views of the front yard, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. Wood floors with an area rug under the desk and chairs enhance the visual appeal. The abstract art on the wall behind the desk adds a touch of sophistication. Real estate photography, at its core, captures the essence of spaces like these, offering a holistic view that highlights the unique features and ambiance of a property.

Isn't Real Estate Photography Just Like Other Forms Of Photography?

What is Real Estate Photography you may ask? Well real estate photography is rather unique. It differs from other types of photography in that its focus is to help agents get offers quickly and for more than the asking price.

How do the photos do that? By telling a story. With the help of staging, the images draw in potential buyers by enabling them to picture themselves living in the home.

For example, photographs of a large, brightly lit kitchen with plenty of counter space will appeal to people who love to cook or entertain. Images of a den with a desk and a chair by a window will connect with individuals who work from home. Photos of a bedroom with bunk beds and a toy chest will resonate with a young family.

The Different Types Of Real Estate Photography

What is Real Estate Photography: Exploring Different Types - Importance of Professional Photography. This image showcases an all-brick two-story house with a spacious grassy front yard, bordered by trees on the sides and behind. Hedges line the sidewalk from the driveway to the front door, enhancing curb appeal. The blue sky with pink and salmon clouds sets the scene during civil twilight. The warm glow from the house's interior lights and strategically placed exterior lights creates a welcoming ambiance. Delve into the diverse types of real estate photography and discover the significance of hiring a professional to capture the unique features and appeal of properties

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional Real Estate Photographer?

If you’re a real estate agent, real estate photography will get you the most out of your brand and listings. Consider that property listed with professional photos (offered with window pulls and image enhancement) sells 50% faster and increases online views by 118%.

Professional photos will also enhance your image to current and prospective clients. This is crucial because buying a home is likely the biggest (and perhaps most intimidating) purchase anyone will ever make. So homebuyers need to feel secure they are working with a real estate agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and who knows what he or she is doing.

And by working with the same real estate photographer time and again, you can rest assured your listings will have a “common look and feel,” supporting your brand and providing the consistency that underscores your credibility.

And that is what real estate photography is from the outside in. Read through the rest of the guide to do deeper into what is involved with this style of photography

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Who is real estate photography for?

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