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13 Thoughtful Gifts for Realtors

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If you have a real estate agent in your life, you probably find yourself scratching your head when it’s time to buy them a gift. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or you just want to say thank you, it can be a struggle to figure out what to get.

Luckily, we have you covered. In the guide that follows, we’ll go over some of our favorite items that every realtor will be sure to love. It doesn’t matter if they’re showing off a home to a client or enjoying some much-needed time off the clock, any one of the thoughtful gifts for realtors below will be sure to make their day just a little bit brighter.

Thoughtful Gifts For Realtors to Fit Any Budget

Sometimes, the best gifts are the least expensive. You don’t have to break the bank to secure a meaningful, practical gift that the person you’re focused on will be grateful for. As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. But with a high quality gift that fits perfectly into the lifestyle of a real estate agent, it’s about more than just the thought.

No matter if you have a limitless budget or are finding yourself stretched thin, the gifts in this guide are designed to make every dollar count.

A Thoughtful, 5-Star Review

Every real estate agent takes pride in their work. All the long hours spent in the office, negotiating deals, and building their personal brand are for a reason – and few things are more important than their online reputation.

You can give their business a boost by putting in a good word on the web. For a unique gift that’s sure to please, find their page on Yelp, or hunt down their business profile on Google, and leave a glowing 5-star review for future prospects to read.

Gift Certificate to a Hot New Restaurant

Is there a brand new restaurant in town that people can’t stop raving about? Check out the options on their website and in-person for gift certificates. The realtor you’re buying for will be incredibly grateful to spend an evening out enjoying a meal – especially after a long day attending a home inspection or developing a marketing plan for a new property.

Realtor Swag From All Things Real Estate

Everyone loves custom swag, and realtors are no different. The online store All Things Real Estate is a sanctuary for agents everywhere. From personalized signs to hoodies, sweatshirts, and tote bags, they have it all. They even have note cards and stickers that can help spread the word about their business, and leave a lasting impression all around the neighborhood.

Personalized Business Card Holder

A business card is more than just a piece of paper. It’s what connects real estate agents to their clients. With crucial info like their phone number and contact details, it’s what makes it possible for them to nurture leads and close more deals. Buying a personalized card holder engraved with their initials – like this one from VistaPrint – makes sure that their cards are never far from reach.

Home Decor Items

Real estate agents might spend all day showing off and staging other people’s homes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want their own to look its best. Home decor items like a beverage tray or a wooden vase from West Elm are sure to put the finishing touches on any room they happen to be in.

High-Quality Coffee Maker

For the realtor on the move, caffeine helps keep fuel in the tank. A hot, steaming mug of coffee in the morning is enough to keep them running all day as they travel from house to house. A high-quality coffee maker like the Nespresso Vertuo means they’ll be able to start every day with the perfect cup of joe.

Professional Headshot Session

A headshot is usually the first thing a new client sees when researching potential real estate agents. Setting your realtor up with a local photographer for a thirty or sixty-minute session helps keep them one step ahead of the competition. By giving their headshot an update, you’re helping them invest in the long-term success of their real estate business.

Personalized Planner or Notebook

With back-to-back showings, meetings, and phone calls, it’s all-too-easy to lose track of the time as a realtor. Days can quickly get out of hand, and having a personalized planner or notebook to keep track of the schedule can be a lifesaver. We recommend checking out these branded journals from Minted, which are customizable from front to back.

Home Staging Consultation

Staging a home is a massive part of any real estate agent’s job. Before taking photographs for a listing or hosting an open house, they have to make sure that every room looks just right, and every nook and cranny is accounted for. Hiring a home staging consultant on their behalf can take a load off their plate. With a fresh pair of eyes to help make sure that every detail is in place, you can help them close their next sale in record time.

Smart Home Devices

With jam-packed days that feel like a constant whirlwind, every realtor wishes they had a personal assistant on-hand 24/7. Thanks to smart home devices like the Amazon Echo, now they can. Any time they want to add a meeting to their calendar or set a reminder, they just have to say the magic words, and Alexa will be sure to take care of it for them.

Massage or Spa Gift Certificate

Self-care is important for everybody, but for the real estate agent that spends all day on their feet, a spa day never goes unappreciated. With a gift certificate to a local massage parlor, you can treat the realtor in your life to some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Help them unwind and loosen up before getting back to work.

Portable Charging Station

Most realtors run a good deal of their business on their phone. From texting clients to making calls to setting up appointments, it’s the most important piece of equipment in their life. But with so much time spent on their mobile device, battery drain becomes a real problem. Grab them a portable charging station like this one from Nimble, and make sure they never miss out on a deal.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sometimes all any realtor wants to do is put on some music and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones – like these ones from Bose – gets the job done right. With the world tuned out around them, there’s no more fielding questions or having to argue over the details of a contract. Thanks to these headphones, it’s just pure bliss, and some much-deserved peace and quiet.

Start Shopping!

Even the most well-intentioned among us can get caught off-guard when it’s time to buy a gift. Simply put, life gets in the way. And when the person you’re buying for happens to be a realtor, the challenge becomes even tougher. It’s not always clear what someone who sells homes for a living could need or want that they don’t already own.

This is a struggle that’s all-too-common, which is why we searched high and low for the best gift ideas to put inside this guide. We hope it helps steer you in the right direction, no matter your budget or timeline. The next time you need to grab a gift, feel free to lean on these suggestions, so you can feel confident about what you end up purchasing!

Frequently Asked Closing Gift Questions

A closing gift is a way for realtors to express gratitude and appreciation to their clients. It signifies the end of the transaction and the beginning of a new chapter in their new home.
A realtor gift is the perfect gift for a past client because it’s a thoughtful gesture that strengthens the professional relationship and keeps you top-of-mind for future referrals.

A great gift idea for a new homeowner could be a personalized housewarming gift like custom door signs, address plaques, or a home maintenance toolkit.

To find the ideal thoughtful gift, consider the client’s personal tastes, their new home’s style, and any hobbies or interests they have shared with you during the transaction.
Avoid overly personal or potentially controversial gifts. It’s important to choose something universally appealing and respectful of your client’s preferences.
Absolutely! Personalizing a closing gift with the client’s name, a special message, or their new home’s address adds a unique and meaningful touch.
Thoughtful gifts show your commitment to excellent customer service and can lead to increased client satisfaction, more referrals, and an enhanced professional reputation.
Affordable closing gift options can include locally-sourced items, potted plants, or even handwritten notes expressing your appreciation.
While not mandatory, giving closing gifts is a considerate practice that can differentiate you from the competition and create lasting client relationships.
Present the gift in person with a warm thank-you note, and consider including a photo of their new home. It’s all about creating a memorable, positive experience.
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