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Top 10 Closing Gifts From Realtors

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Are you looking for that perfect real estate closing gift or housewarming gift for your home buyers? It isn’t the easiest task, but when you get it right… You get the biggest advocate for your brand as a realtor and an excellent referral source for the coming months!

Now as a real estate agent the most challenging part isn’t finding out what your client wants. We will help you through that process throughout this article. It’s all about finding the gifts that say you care and appreciate their relationship without being too personal. Remind your client of the relationship you have built, but, more importantly, re-iterate that you are the local authority they will be able to rely on and refer their friends to for the coming years!

Like always, Captivly has your back! So here are our top picks for the top closing gifts for your buyers and sellers for the coming 2023 year.

Closing Gifts: Real Estate Etiquette

As a realtor, you know the importance of fostering long-term relationships with your buyers. Doing so helps you build and maintain your reputation in real estate and encourage your satisfied buyers to recommend you to others looking to buy or sell their homes in the future.

If you have successfully sold a house to your buyer, one of the kindest and most thoughtful gestures you can make after completing the transaction is to present them with a gift. Closing gifts from realtors express your gratitude to your buyer for placing their trust in you and also serve as a way to welcome them into their new house and neighborhood.

Finding the appropriate closing gifts for real estate may seem challenging because you want to make the best impression and invest in a gift that you feel confident will bring them joy as they settle into their new home. That said, take a moment to reflect on the time spent with your buyers. Did they happen to mention how much they love to cook? Did the topic of home decorating come up? Are you aware if your buyer has children or pets? Recalling details from conversations you’ve had with your buyer can be helpful in terms of influencing your decision on choosing an ideal realtor’s closing gift. A helpful tip would be to build a client profile as they share information with you, so you remember the details, sometimes months later.

What Should A Realtor Spend On A Closing Gift?

Realtors’ closing gifts can vary in price. On average, closing gifts for real estate can cost anywhere between $50-$300. Some realtors calculate the amount they wish to spend by considering the house’s price and the commission percentage they received. You could plan to spend 1-5% of your gross commission income on realtors closing gifts, but how much money you spend is ultimately up to you. While you don’t want to overspend, do keep in mind that you’ll want to avoid purchasing a gift box that could potentially come across as cheap.

In an effort to make your shopping experience easier, we’ve curated a Top 10 list of ideas for closing gifts from realtors. It features unique and well-researched gift ideas that you can present to your buyers this year and beyond.

Closing Gifts From Realtors 2022

There are so many one-of-a-kind gifts that the new homeowner is sure to appreciate.

Here’s our list of the most exciting closing gifts for real estate agents that you can purchase this year:


Ring Video Doorbell

We all have smartphones these days, so why not smart doorbells, too? Ring offers a wide variety of doorbells that are designed to give your buyer peace of mind. The doorbell is not just a doorbell but also a camera. It detects motion when someone steps onto their property, and your buyers can connect the doorbell to their smartphones so they can see, hear, and communicate back to the person at the door when they’re at home, at work, or even on vacation.

A BarkBox For The Dog Lover

If your buyer is moving into their new home alongside their furry friend, consider purchasing a Barkbox or a gift certificate that will cover the cost of a months-long subscription (six months, for example). Barkbox is a company that specializes in curating a customized gift box for dogs of all sizes and breeds. The themed box is filled with toys and/or treats, and it’d be such an adorable way for you to convey how much you hope the dog loves its new home as much as its owners do.

Custom House Portrait

A custom house portrait is one of our favorite closing gift ideas for realtors. Why? Because it’s not only a work of art but also a beautiful way to celebrate the home wherein your buyer and their loved ones will be making so many special memories for years to come. We recommend this custom house portrait from Etsy seller WoodLifePrints. You can select the size and include text, such as the buyer’s last name and home address. If you know you just sold a home to first-time buyers, consider requesting the phrase “Our First Home” or “Home Sweet Home.” Your buyer will be thrilled to hang this custom house portrait on a wall or position it on a shelf.

A Nice Wine Basket

If you’re certain that your buyers drink alcohol, a nice wine gift basket is another terrific closing gift from realtors. Consider a wine basket like this one from The presentation looks fantastic, and the basket includes a generous selection of three bottles of wine that are accompanied by snacks such as crackers, cheese wedges, cookies, and truffles. Your buyer can even reuse the basket once they’ve enjoyed all the contents. If your buyer is a picky wine drinker then consider a charcuterie board. They get to choose the wine and enjoy good food at their new home.
Closing gifts for your clients-9

Custom Return Address Stamp

It’s 2022, but there’s something to be said about the feel of snail mail. Mailing letters and cards can be lots of fun, and your buyer is sure to use this stamp often. As simple a gift as this is, it’s a great way to encourage your buyer to celebrate their new home address and set them up for success in the stationary department! You can find many sellers who specialize in making custom return address stamps on Etsy, including this one, which offers a variety of eye-catching designs for you to choose from. If, however, you’d like to order a more out-of-the-box stamp, consider these!
Closing gifts for your clients-8

Coffee Sample Pack

Your buyer likely looked at many houses before deciding on “the one.” But just because they’ve got the keys in hand doesn’t mean that their work is done. They’ve got furniture to move, boxes to unpack, new neighbors to meet, and more! Help them stay focused and energized by giving them a coffee sample pack, especially if you know that they love caffeine in the form of coffee. We recommend Cooper’s Cask Coffee; they make delightful bourbon and whiskey barrel-aged blends. Another option is a gift box from Bones Coffee. Their coffee is freshly roasted, full-bodied, and indulgently smooth (plus, you can’t beat the fun, artsy packaging!).

Local Gifts To Give For Closing

Considering that you are a real estate agent, you know the neighborhood well. If you’re all about shopping local and supporting local businesses, consider one of these fine gifts below. Any of these will reinforce the fact that your buyer has moved into a lovely, one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

Closing gifts for your clients-5

A Gift Card To A Local Florist

Purchasing a gift card to a local florist is a phenomenal way for you to display your appreciation and inspire your buyer to fill their new home with fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can brighten a room, fill it with a lovely floral scent, and complement the room’s interior design. It can also elevate your buyer’s mood.
Closing gifts for your clients-1

A Pass To A Local Museum

What are your favorite museums in the area? Pick one and purchase a pass to that museum for your buyers so they can enjoy what the museum has to offer. Whether it’s an art or history museum, your buyer will definitely welcome the opportunity to relax and explore what’s inside.

A Session With A Local Interior Designer

Moving into a new home can be exhausting, and for some buyers, decorating their new home can be frustrating. Where should that framed art print go? Should the couch go here or there? A session with a local interior designer can assist your buyer tremendously by helping them make decisions that will enhance their comfort and turn their house into a home in no time.
Closing gifts for your clients-2

A Fully Planned-Out and Paid-For Evening

Your buyer has just moved into their new house, but there’s nothing wrong with getting them out of it for an evening! Send your buyer out on the town and invite them to discover shops, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions within the area, all courtesy of their favorite realtor. If your buyer is new to the area, they’re bound to appreciate your interest in helping them get to know what makes it such a charming place to live, work, and play. This is always a great gift for an outgoing couple.

Don't Forget The Closing Card!

No matter what realtor closing gift you decide to purchase, don’t forget to include a closing card. Your closing card should contain a handwritten note that expresses how much you enjoyed working with and getting to know your buyer. Congratulate the buyer on their new home and wish them years of happiness in it. While there’s nothing wrong with a standard greeting card, may we recommend this one from Lovepop? Lovepop excels at crafting unique, 3D pop-up cards that add a surprising, unique touch to what is already sure to be a heartwarming closing gift. Always remember to include your business card!

Are Real Estate Closing Gifts Tax Deductible?

As a realtor, you can get tax benefits from purchasing closing gifts. That means saving your receipts, and when tax season rolls around and you sit down with your accountant, you may be able to get some write-offs. But, there are some regulations that apply to this deduction.

When you are working on closing a house, and the deal goes through, then you go through the process of finding your client that perfect closing gift. You are only able to write off $25 per gift. Now something to keep in mind when you are giving your accountant the list of things that you have purchased over the course of the year. If you add your personal branding to the gift, they may be able to help you write off the entire cost of that purchase as a promotional expense.

Now, let’s say you are spending a few bucks every time you close a house. When you are selling numerous houses over the course of the year, that extra tax write-off can start to add up! So, while we aren’t accountants. Our best recommendation would be to contact your accountant to see if they can write off the entire gift if you have your personal branding on it. And if that is the case, you can reap huge benefits from this over the course of the year.

Are you worried about figuring out how to get your personal branding on the gifts you are giving out? Or are you nervous that it may seem cheap and salesy compared to giving your client something more personalized? Showing that you were listening and learning about them are ways around that.

Granted, branded and personalized gifts aren’t for everyone. At the same time, you can still get creative. I have seen a gorgeous oil painting of a house that a realtor gave their client with their branding on it. It looked very professional. If you do decide to go with the traditional closing gift, just make sure you keep a record of how much you spent and keep all of your receipts.

Need To Figure Out What Your Clients Would Want?

While getting online leads is all fine and dandy, most agents have the goal of building a massive referral network, allowing them to consistently generate new sales and get more listings. To build out this referral network, you will need really understand your clients and get to know them. While this is no easy task, putting in the hard work can be very rewarding and quite enjoyable. So to help, here are a few creative ways to help you better understand your clients and figure out what the best closing gift may be.

Do Some Research On Social Media

Depending on your clients, you may be able to get some really good ideas of what hobbies they have or what they are into simply by doing some digging on Facebook and Instagram. Now we know this may feel a little weird digging around on your client’s social media accounts. But don’t sweat it. Your goal is to try and figure out what they may enjoy as a great closing gift. Plus, social media is a place where most people post content to show their interests and hobbies to their friends and family. Hopefully, by this point in the relationship, you have built a good connection with your client and are already connected on social media.

Have A Couple Of Gift Ideas In Mind, Then Ask Some Pointed Questions To Find Out If They Will Like One Of Them.

Now even though part of finding the perfect personalized gift is all about understanding who your clients are and what they are into, the next hurdle to overcome is figuring out how they will respond to your gift. For example, let’s say your client is very outgoing, but they are nervous about moving into a new city. A perfect gift for them may be a gift card to a local venue. Something that will give them a unique experience and the opportunity to meet new people in the area. So you could ask a couple of questions around – “hey, have you ever been to a pottery class?” They may say no, but I have always wanted to try one out. Then you would know you could get them a session at a local pottery studio. Or if they say, “absolutely not! I have never had the desire to get into pottery.” Then you would know I have to return to the drawing board.

When All Else Fails - Try To Find A Friend or Co-Worker To Ask

Now, what if you have yet to have the opportunity to get to dig in deeper, or your client has been super busy? You could dig deep to see if they had mentioned any friends or colleagues from whom you could get some ideas. If your client mentioned that they are good friends with Ryan from the office, you might be able to message Ryan on LinkedIn to get his opinion on what to get your client.

Does The Buyer Or Seller Need To Give The A Realtor Closing Gift?

It is quite uncommon for a buyer or seller to give their realtor a gift at closing. So the clients are not required to get them something. So if they don’t give realtor gifts, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your efforts. Most sellers and buyers are preoccupied with moving after closing on their property.
Now, most real estate agents are pleasantly surprised when a client sends them a gift since it’s not expected. It is greatly appreciated.

What Do You Think Of These Client Gift Ideas?

A thoughtful gift conveys how happy you are for your buyer and emphasizes how thrilled you were to have been able to help them find the home that suits their needs, style, and budget. Remember, each buyer is as unique as the house they’ve just purchased, so try your best to select the closing gift idea that you think will resonate most.

What do you get your clients for closing? If you have any unique real estate closing gift ideas that you would like to share, reach out and let us know. We would love to add your ideas to our list of best closing gifts.

Common Questions Realtors Have About Real Estate Closing Gifts

Do realtors give gifts on closing day? Closing gifts is a great idea and a highly recommended strategy for real estate professionals. Even something as simple as a gift card to home depot or a nice bouquet of flowers goes a long way. From what we have seen, most agents don’t get a gift from their clients at closing. There is a lot of potential for you as a realtor to stand out from the crowd and start building your referral network. By putting time and effort into finding the right gift to give, you will leave a lasting impression on your clients and give them a talking point with their friends about the experience they had with you.
As a real estate agent, it is still a nice touch to give something to your sellers. When you are looking to get more listings, you have to take a different approach than you would for buyers. To stand out from the competition, it is vitally important that you dial in your real estate marketing. Leverage professional real estate photos, virtual tours, drone imaging, and a professional appearance at open houses. But that isn’t enough. If you can take a few extra minutes to really understand your sellers and get them something they would appreciate once their property closes, that is something they will remember for the time to come. Meaning you will be the first person they think of if they sell again, along with the fact that you will be the first referral when they have a friend who is looking to sell.
When giving your clients a closing gift, you can typically deduct up to $25 of the gift you give each person over the course of the year. Keep in mind that if you and a spouse give a gift to that client, you can generally only deduct the cost of one gift. Now, if you are looking to take it to another level, then check with your accountant about if the gift is branded with your information, then you may be able to expense more.
A few things go into understanding how much you should spend on that perfect closing gift. Generally, the amount that you would spend is based on your market, and a great rule of thumb is to spend around 1%-5% of your gross commission. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that what you get your client is somewhat meaningful. So if that means spending a couple of extra dollars on getting them something more personalized, we would recommend doing so. The benefit long term will generate a greater ROI than if you went the cheaper route.
Closing gifts are extremely important. As a real estate professional, this is the way you thank your clients for their business and congratulate them on their new purchase. Making sure that you get your clients a gift that has meaning behind it also shows that you cared and listened to them throughout their experience with you. This will leave them with the lasting impression that you are more than just a realtor. You were someone who took the time to understand them and made sure you were getting them into a house that made sense to them. This all comes back when they are going to buy another property in the future. Also, this gets you in the door to their friend network, as you are more likely to be someone they will refer their friends and family to.
Thanking a seller can be simple. You can easily send them a handwritten letter for a meaningful impression. Most individuals don’t get handwritten letters anymore, so if you take the time to find a meaningful card and personally write a note on it when that letter gets delivered, it will definitely stand out. This gesture will help you stand out.
We go deep into the top things of gift giving at closing. But, when considering giving your client a gift, something personalized is a great approach. This will help the gesture be impactful. Consider spending around $75 – $100 for a safe estimate.
The simple truth is the IRS doesn’t care what you as a realtor get your clients. They care that they get paid what is owed to them. So as long as you follow the basic rules, that an realtor can deduct up to $25 for each business gift given and verify everything with your accountant, then you should be good.
Make sure you have a personal touch after closing. Call your client, meet them at closing, or grab a cup of coffee to congratulate them in person. While gift-giving is very important, make sure to take the opportunity to write them a letter or mail them a card. Something like: Dear (client), Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work together and build a lasting relationship through this transaction. Thank you for that opportunity. I wish the best for you and your family and look forward to continuing to build our relationship over the coming years.
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