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The Top Akron Breweries

A Beer half full from Akronym Brewing next to a tray of meat, cheese and snacks
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There is nothing quite like enjoying an evening with friends over a delicious local beer, and there is no shortage of cool breweries in Akron, OH. We loved getting to know the local community while enjoying some of the beautiful breweries and their delicious brews. To help you find the perfect spot for an evening out with some friends, we’ve put together a highlight of our favorite breweries in Akron. Now let’s look at some of the first Akron Breweries where you can get a great beer!

Missing Mountain Brewery

The front of Missing Mountain Brewing Company in Akron Ohio

Founded by four guys who love both Northeast Ohio and winter snow sports, they felt that the only thing Ohio was missing was a mountain, which inspired the name “Missing Mountain Brewery.” Even without a mountain, this might be one of the best places to sip a cold beer while enjoying a gorgeous evening. Founded in 2018, this brewery not only has killer brews but killer views that only Ohio can offer. Complete with a 3-tiered patio overlooking the Cuyahoga River, Missing Mountain offers restaurant food, drinks, and a unique outdoorsy atmosphere.

an image of the back patio at missing mountain brewing company

We were especially impressed with the staff’s knowledge of the different types of beers on the menu, and we were not disappointed with their recommendations. Our drinks, paired with their beer, cheese, and mustard, plus the summer sunset over the beautiful river, made this evening a meal we will not soon forget.

Akronym Brewing

The front of the Akronym Brewing building
If you prefer the energy of a downtown scene, then Akronym Brewing might be for you. Founded in 2016, a major goal of Akronym is to connect with Akron’s community members and take part in the rebuilding of Akron’s downtown scene. Located on Market Street in downtown Akron, Akronym has both open-air and indoor seating, tucked away from the street but still a part of the downtown vibes. Their staff was relatable and incredibly knowledgeable of Akronym’s beers. The beer menu is vast and diverse, so their input was highly valued, and their recommendations were spot on for our table. We ordered a beautiful charcuterie board and some of their delicious, dark porters, which paired well with sitting on the outdoor patio on a warm summer evening.
A Beer half full from Akronym Brewing next to a tray of meat, cheese and snacks
The appeal of local breweries doesn’t just stop at delicious beer. It’s the authentic, passionate energy poured into each glass by the visionaries behind each beer. Each brewery listed in this article is unique because of the people who built them – Akron-ers with a desire to serve fellow Ohioans with locally produced, delicious beer. Beer with a personality, a story, and a deeper meaning to the people who drink them. That’s a community we’re excited to be a part of.

Missing Fall Brewing

The Front sign of Missing Falls Brewing

Tucked inside what seems like industrial office buildings lies a gem of a brewery – Missing Falls. Once you’ve visited this brewery, you’re bound to stop by again. The unique industrial atmosphere mixed with the chill brewery scene creates an entirely new experience. This is definitely a memorable brewery, starting with its unique artwork and finishing with its delicious brews!

This brewery is known for its beers, and we were not disappointed. You can sample several different beers or dive in with a pint – you can’t go wrong. Then you can enjoy it while sitting at the U-shaped bar or in the corner over a board game with friends. We also threw in a basket of parmesan garlic pretzels with marinara, which was definitely one of the best decisions we could have made.

Customers standing at the counter talking to staff at missing mountain brewery

The staff were welcoming and laid back, which made enjoying a few drinks with them a breeze. Our group looks forward to going back to this brewery, and we hope you will visit sometime too!

Next, we’ll venture to the Portage Lakes region. Northeast Ohio is known for its beautiful lakes, speckled across the region. They contribute to a culture that is well-versed in boating and water sports, as well as a deeper appreciation for the simple ambiance of sitting on a golden sun-lit patio overlooking one of the many lakes. Nauti Vine Winery on Portage Lakes offers an especially unique experience with three tiers of views overlooking the water.

Nauti Vine Winery

The Front Of Nauti Vine Winery
Nestled above the water are three outdoor patios – one closest to the water, a deck off the back of the building, and a private, trellised patio tucked within winding greenery. No matter where you choose to sit, your view will not disappoint.

On colder or rainier days, you can choose to sit inside and be transported to the rustic Italian countryside. Nauti Vine’s interior consists of a beautiful wooden hearth accented with stone. Wooden tables stand on the dark wood floor, and big glass windows and doors face the same beautiful view of the water.

Once you choose where you’d like to sit, you can browse through a menu full of local wines and appetizers, including a classic meat & cheese platter. Nauti Vine’s staff will be happy to help you decide which wine is best for you and your table as you enjoy this unique and stunning winery.

The Guest Area At the Nauti Vine Winery

Mucky Duck Brewery

The front of Mucky Duck Brewing
Maybe you’re more interested in an urban feel to the region. If so, Mucky Duck Brewery is a great option. Just across the street from Nauti Vine Winery, it has great access to the lake views while boasting a much more high-pace, urban atmosphere.

You can browse through Mucky Duck’s beers and flavor-packed food while enjoying a casual, upbeat atmosphere with friends. We recommend ordering flights so that you can experience all of their best beers in one go!

I also have to mention that the Mucky Duck Ohio brewery holds a special place in our hearts. We have been to a couple of real estates networking events here. The staff is absolutely amazing, the brew is unrivaled, and they have some great food! If you are into Ohio craft beer, you have to stop out and give this place a try!

Honorable Mentions

Hoppin Frog Brewery

I first heard about this company after mountain biking with some friends. One buddy had pulled out a beer that I had never seen before and said, “You have to try this!” Long story short, I ended up stopping at the store on my way home to grab some more!

This brewery is a highly recognized Akron brewery, and if you are looking for a great beer, this is the place to stop. Located just down the road from the Goodyear blimp hanger. I would highly recommend checking it out!

Two Monks Brewing Company

This amazing brewery is an independent brewery specializing in both European and American styles of craft beer. You might ask, “who are the two monks?” Well, the Two monks are the founders of the craft brewery, who have been making delicious beer for over a decade. You will find them in the office most days, and if you are looking for that perfect cold one or have questions about it… Just ask. I am sure they will help point you in the right direction!

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

The Thirsty Dog Brewing Company is a brewery that must be mentioned. They provide weekly tours of the facility, and you can tell that they take their business seriously! Sharing even the littlest of details with their customers. They take pride in their brewing, and their product goes far beyond what you would find with a mass-produced beer. They high-quality hops and a process that makes sure you will find unique flavors that will keep your mouth watering.

Lock 15 Brewing Company

Just down the street from a few great foods stops in Akron (Luigis and NOMZ), if you find yourself looking for a new place to go in Downtown Akron, then stop out at Lock 15 Brewing Company. Offering great food and a large menu of draft beers, this is a great place to meet up with some friends or even hold a real estate meeting.
It’s clear that downtown Akron is full of opportunities for a good evening out with friends. Whether you’re looking for high or relaxed vibes, urban or more outdoorsy views, you’ll find it here. Be sure to post photos from your trips to different breweries around the city and tag @Captivly so that we can see what you’re up to!
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