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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Throughout the real estate industry technology has made a large impact when it comes to being able to see the interior of a home that you are considering purchasing with less of a hassle. Virtual tours are one such example of how technology has improved real estate as a whole.

Virtual tours may have just gained attention in the real estate industry, but this does not mean that they haven’t been around for very long. virtual tours used to rarely be seen, and in most cases when they were they were connected to multi-million dollar homes. This was because of the lack of access to resources needed for one to create a virtual tour.

Now thanks to the increase in technology access and advance in usage of our society the photography of homes has become much easier for even a small business to do within the real estate industry. Now, regardless of the placed price point of a home on the market, anyone can add a virtual tour to their real estate experience.

Here are some reasons why virtual tours should be added to every real estate listing on the market.

No Need For Open Houses

Because virtual tours give professional quality photos with a 360 view of each room the buyer is given the kind of experience they would find in an open house, but within the comfort of their very own home.

in the recent days with the spread of Covid-19 virtual tours have been seen as the best possible way for preventing the risk of illness while leaving the real estate industry without fault of the viruses many risks it has brought to business as a whole.

Real estate agents aren’t just invested in presenting the home, the open house is only a small part in what it takes to purchase a home within the means of a real estate agent. This meaning virtual tours wouldn’t necessarily take from real estate agent’s pay but speed up the process of getting homes sold to the correct buyers with less task. Resulting in more happy customers, real estate agents, and more purchased homes.

This means virtual tours are not only speeding up the process of buying a home, but causing the real estate agent’s industry to thrive economically.

Boosts The Buyer’s Impression

Along with the other helpful points virtual tours bring to the real estate industry a virtual tour may boost the buyer’s impressions of the house. For one to see that a listing has professional

360 virtual tours they may just find the home more appealing and in their eyes worth more money.

When it comes to selling in any circumstance it’s all about marketing, so why wouldn’t you give your marketing the best chance that it has in the industry by adding a virtual tour.

Higher Quality Content For Social Media

Social media is a massive part of marketing, and virtual tours provide high quality photography that can boost your social media presence. Professional photos which may cause more buyers to take your marketing more seriously, and in the end this may result in higher purchased houses due to impressions made on your audience.

In the long run this may boost your online presence through social media and cause your business and/or platform to spark in ways you may have never found possible.

Helps Clients Market Their Homes

Your clients need help when it comes to selling their houses, as the seller you want to help market their listings to the best of your abilities.

As the agent you have to use all that you can when it comes to your marketing tactics to provide for your clients marketing. So why when you could give them every strength possible, would you not go the extra mile into creating a virtual tour.

This would give them a professional look to their listing and a strong grounded marketing strategy that will set you compared to other agents on a higher tear of the real estate industry.

Virtual Tours Are Expected by Most Sellers

Although virtual tours just recently have become more popular in the world of real estate it does not mean that they aren’t expected by the sellers.

When an individual goes to sell their home, research is most always done before anything else is executed/put into the process of selling. This means those who are preparing to sell will most of the time already know of virtual tours before they are introduced to them by you or another agent. Meaning that you must expect a virtual tour to be expected by the client you are working with, whether or not in the end it truly is.

Offering virtual tours to your audience can only benefit your business and cause you to look more professional, while keeping up with the current demand of the real estate industry.

“Captivly Media specializes in iGUIDE Virtual Tours for real estate and businesses. We are also seasoned pros in photography, videography, and aerial drone photo and video. We help real estate agents show more houses in less time.”

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