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Zillow 3D Tours

Get more visibility from your Zillow Listing with a Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour Zillow Virtual Tour Sell Your House Faster On Zillow 

3D Virtual Tours & Floor Plans With Zillow

Give potential buyers a reason to stop and look around!

Zillow has over 170 million monthly visitors (Sept. 2022) and is undoubtedly of of the largest home buyers favorite platform to find that perfect forever home. With that said, why wouldn’t you take advantage of getting your listing in-front of as many potential buyers as possible. When you work with Captivly Real Estate Photography, you will unleash the true power of a Zillow 3D home tour, getting your listing to show above the other listings that are without a 3D tour. We love priority positioning. 

Property specifications, this gorgeous kitchen

Your Buyers Are Online

61% of buyers wish more listings included 3D tours and 46% of millennial buyers (a huge target market) say they would be more confident making an offer on a home they toured virtually.
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More Visibility

Property listings with a Zillow 3D Home tour got an average of 68% more views than listings without (on Zillow – 170+ million monthly users)

Make A Lasting Impression

Take it from Zillow. They have shared with us, that on average houses that offered a Zillow 3D tour were saved 36% more frequently than those without the virtual tour. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Listing On Zillow

Take Advantage of Priority Placement

Buyers today are looking for virtual tours

More Visibility, More Sales

When you unleash the power of a Zillow 3D Home Tour. You are giving yourself a competitive advantage over other realtors. This offering will get you priority placements over other listings, getting you in front of more prospective buyers, and earning you more sales. 

Sharable Floor Plans

Copy – Paste – Send…. That is how easy it is for you to share your media. Giving you the flexibility to promote your listing in as many places as possible!

PLUS…. Zillow tells us that 74% of buyers and 63% of renters “somewhat” or “completely” agreed that a dynamic floor plan that shows what part of the home each photo depicts would help them determine if the home was right for them.

Priority Placements

So Zillow is one of the dominant home listing websites on the market. What if we told you that you could cut to the front of the line and get your listing to show up before countless others?!

Well that is the case when you get a Zillow 3D Home Tour. Get your listing prioritized over all the other listings that didn’t take advantage of the virtual tour.

architectural real estate photography of a dining room

The Benefits Of Zillow 3D Tours

Sell Houses Faster On Zillow

No Hosting Fees

More Visibility

Easy To Share

More Engagement

Floor Plans

Priority Placement

Real Estate
Photography Made Simple

Step 1 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 1

Give us a call or book online when you acquire a new listing. We will guide you through the process & setup your session.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 2

Join us on site for the photo shoot or stay home and relax. Either way, your photos will look perfect.

Step 3 Scheduling Real Estate Photography

Step 3

Effortlessly download the finished photos from the cloud. Show them off, sell the home, & take all the credit!

Floor Plans With Your Zillow 3D Tour

Give buyers a virtual tour experience that they remember!

When we send out all of the work from your  listing, you will receive a link to your virtual tour. From there, simply share that link with your buyers andwhen they view your listing, the 3D tour is embedded onto the floor plan for an immersive experience.

! BIG NEWS Zillow Will Syndicate With Redfin !

Zillow now syndicates with Redfin. That means that your Zillow 3D tour will automatically show up on Redfin without having to manually enter the link. Rapidly upgrading all of your listings with an interactive experience .

74% of buyers and 63% of renters “somewhat” or “completely” agreed that a dynamic floor plan that shows what part of the home each photo depicts would help them determine if the home was right for them.*

Your interactive floor plan will help give agents, property managers, and appraisers the info they need to virtually measure, assess and connect your listing to a larger buying market, eager to find a layout just like yours.

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Zillow 3D Virtual Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Zillow 3D home tours cannot be downloaded or saved to your computer. Because the Zillow 3D tour is an interactive add on it must be hosted on a server and there is no function that will allow you to download or save the 3D tour. 

Seller can see in live time, the number of times that their listing has been viewed or saved by potential buyers. Then they can compare that activity to  comparable homes on the market. But they won’t be able to see exactly who was viewing their property

Zillow is proud of their 3D Home Tours. This is an immersive virtual tour platform that will allow home owners and real estate agents to create 360 virtual tours of the selling property. It is also very budget friendly. 

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